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Losthog-Cruising through the end of the year 531


Is that ten minutes literally nonstop or are you allowed to rest at the top?

Now that I think of it, 10 minutes straight with no locking out sounds a bit hazard.


7/11/18–OHP work. My least favorite

Out:6 little better than avg


ME: 1rm seated pin press at nose
Giant: pull-ups x3/ / med slams/ russians
185x0 ( told my boy I could have done it he called bs)
185x1 (got to get your mind right Luke) there was more there if I wanted more.

DE: bench bar 145+ red double band (+100-120)
X3 emom x10 min
These were hard too heavy for speed work like 245-265 at lockout. Felt like the bands were sending me to the earth core…

SS seated presses/ side lat raise
25x10/15x10 x3

Back flys: 25x15x3

Snatch grip rows: 115x10x3

DB shrugs 55s : 20-30 iso holds at the top

Ok day…mind wasn’t in it to grind hard today so I took what the bar offered. Meh.


Highlights thanks for the support it helps


Awesome lifting Hog, great videos :slight_smile:


Max reps in 10 minutes. Rest as needed but you can’t rack the weight. I won’t be trying it.

Edit: fixed the typos!


We both know you were just mocking my recent squat shenanigans with “you can’t reach the weight” :wink:


Link please, where is this crazy thread of which you speak



Uh oh, is little hog catching losthog on the overhead press? 135-185 isn’t too much separation!

Great clips man, I enjoyed your 1.25rep! haha


It’s only a matter of time. Both these guys will catch and pass me up if they keep lifting.

I think I need to move the pin higher to that dead spot.


07/13/18– Squat May have killed me

In:6 (a little dehydrated)


ME: 5RM SSB Squat
Giant: box jumpx5/ / HKRx5

65 x10/5 bar
295x5 (had maybe 315 but shut it down)

V: 245x10, 10, 10 (legs switched muscles on this last set)

DE: deads 245x3 emom 10 min

I only got two sets before a tweak/ cramp in the left hammy. Shut it all down. I’m hoping it is due to dehydration.

The last week or so I’m not holding water. I’m struggling to stay hydrated. Nothing has changed much in my training other than my diet is not on point (birthdays, anniversary, etc). My sugar intake is up so I’m hoping that is why I’m not staying hydrated as well.

Here is to hoping that this is only minor and I can finish this program. I am in need of some time away from heavy lifting to let the old body heal.


I saw CT mentioned that his older clients who still train hard never miss a rep. That caught my attention. I never missed a rep on GSS&S. I started too light and held back so I didn’t push too fast and I had great results. That brings me to ask myself why I’m pushing so hard some days. Why did I grind out a 455 triple on deadlift Monday? It led to a crap workout on Tuesday.

Perhaps staying conservative while still progressing is the way to go for longevity.


I agree man. I plan on staying with this new level of heavy weights until I get perfect reps and form then I will climb up again. Pushing hard is not good for older bodies. :joy:


It goes against some schools of thought but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s good for any body. Damn near everyone around here has pushed hard at one point or another and we all have had experience with shoulder, back, elbow, knee, or hip pain. Success leaves clues, but so does failure.


I started drinking some pedialyte during my max effort days, has helped me out tremendously. You can get little packets of em near me, about $10/8 i think


I agree. I think we could all improve our longevity if we did a gentle lifting progression, ate healthy, didn’t drink or smoke, etc. The thing is though, it’s way more fun to hit PRs with big weights, eat like shit (sometimes), drink, and have fun.

I guess we all have to have a balance. Most of the crazy fuckers on this site are way over on the “big weights” side of the spectrum, and that’s one reason why I like this community. We all have to decide why we lift, and for me, it’s only partially for health. I will be the first to admit that I would live longer if I ate less, lifted less heavy, etc. But I’m healthy enough for my goals, which are simply to not be fat, to be somewhat strong, and to be strong enough to have a reasonable quality of life until I (hopefully) die in my old age :joy:


07/14/18— Bench o Rama


ME: 3rm Swiss widest grips
Giant: Fat Boys x5// Oblique crunch x 5

35 (bar)x 10- 2 sets
235x3 (pr biggest press triple any style)

V: 185x12, 185x8, 185x8

DE: OHP bar weight 90+ green bands
X3 emom 10 min. (Got all these today)

I felt good after this but shut it down and did zero accessory work. Due to the hammy tweak yesterday and the lack of hydration I decided to focus on recovery today and will return the next two weeks stronger and ready to crush some plates…live to fight another day. Small victories are still victory in the end and lead to winning the war.


Wow! I am so beat up from the SSB squat session. My legs are sore, my hammies are sore, my ass (glutes) are sore, low back is sore…good grief that set took a lot from me. Still walking like I got beat up and drug into a back ally to find a group of thugs enjoy me with a broomstick


Thanks for clarifying :joy:


I know I’m late for the final wave suggestions, but something I’ve never tried but always thought would be a good variation for really any lift was a double banded one where you place bands over the Barbell and the anchor point as always. The kicker would be placing another band slightly below your sticking point straight across the power rack so you would be pulling or pushing against band tension, then at your sticking point another band would come into play until lockout. Hope that makes sense.

Strong shit going on in here brother. I’ve been lurking believe me.