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Losthog-Cruising through the end of the year 531


Worked the kids out today they did a bunch of jumps, times ball throws, then we did farmers carried with a trap bar.

I got in on the action. Carried 275 for 200 yds in 3 picks. First carry 100yds. 2nd 65 yds, 3rd finished the 35…


Max Effort is about lifting a weight you’ve never lifted before. As a result, sometimes your position/technique can break down a little.

But there are some things to think about.

ME is One! If you work up to a new max in Singles (one rep) one or 2 lifts(the last, heaviest ones) may get ugly. If you work up in sets of five, you might get 1or 2 sloppy reps at the end of each set. Instead of one or two ugly singles total, you could get 4 or 5 total shitty lifts in.

On top of that, you’re using you ME weight to calculate your Volume weights. So if you do a too heavy, ugly ME set, your Volume sets maybe too heavy and reps could get “ugly” at the end of the 3 sets. Now we’re up to 10 or 11 bad lifts.

Bad lifts are harder to recover from than proper lifts. I got sloppy with 1 rep at 90% and it has taken me 3 weeks to get back to normal.

Missing lifts puts people in bad moods and makes you sad and crazy. So you want to “Pace” yourself to always get a small record, but never miss.

4 ME days is a lot of ME work.


Hey Hog

Great decision to call it a day. If I had a headache like that, I would have bailed immediately…

About the ME work, I’m trying to figure it out as well. I think you’ve got it right to go to form breaks.

It should still be very heavy, but maybe the volume sets is where the money is earned, meaning if that amrap is to heavy to get past the prescribed reps then the ME lift probably was a bit high.


That’s actually a fantastic idea… mind if I copy you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Go ahead Lava :slight_smile:
It’s for free for all my friends :slight_smile:


6/15/18– squat till you puke (I did)

In:6 (feeling much better)

Band stuff, prowler, lunges, BW squats, burpee x5

ME: SSB wide box squat
Giant: box jumps x5/ / HKR

45x10 (oh yeah gonna be a good day)
245x3 (feeling heavy)
295x3 (form hold very challenging)
I maybe had 5-10 more lbs decided this was good had a nice strain last rep of last set.

V: 235x10 (had 2-3 more)
235x8 (last two sucked)
235x8 (puked after this set. Today was challenging enough I think)

DE: DL 225 bar weight + green short mini

X3 EMOM 10 min (sweating like a pig)


SS: SSB good mornings/ RDL
135x10/ 135x10
185x10/ 155x10
135x10/ 135x6

Leg extensions
Standing ab crunch w/ grey band

Today was much improved. I felt a ton better. It also was the first day I’ve ever puked while working out. I’d say I hit it just right today. Rode the edge of the void from the last of the ME work through the DE work. Hit the posterior chain hard for accessory work. Solid day in the gym!

Glad to be able to push hard today after the mess Wednesday. I must have had a little bug of some sort.


There goes your claim of “0 pukes”. The ARX guy would think you’re a fool.


It was a brutal day. Recovery on tap now…

Little highlight reel…


ME: 3rm for SSB wide box squat. I had a few more lbs maybe 5-10.

Feel free to form slam…


Congrats on your first training spew mate. Some real nice work going on with this new program and some big gainz to come.


Wow hog you are smashing it, keep it up mate.


Thanks I guess. It didn’t feel so special as it was going down. Felt better after it was done…ah screw it. It was bad ass. You know you are killing it when your body goes into holy shit I’m dying mode


Thanks man. I hope I get some nice PRs when this is all done. But today I realized I’m about to switch it up again next week and if nothing else with this program I’m learning to auto regulate and learning a ton of new lifts. I think I may move away from sumo and do snatch grip deads next. I did a set of snatch grip RDLs and my upper rear delta and trap is sore. Could be a really nice exercise.


Be really careful about dropping onto the box. You can mess your back up quite nicely that way. Could be simply because you’re letting tension go too early, or the box is maybe too high at the moment and you need to raise it until you’re able to stay tight all the way to the box.

Definitely had another 10 lbs, maybe more. My understanding of max effort work is that if you have more, do it. You don’t stop just because it’s getting heavy. You stop when you KNOW you can’t add more. ME is about straining, not just working kind of hard for a set. Technique breakdown isn’t too big an issue because you’re using variations. Plus, technique breakdown will highlight weaknesses. That set didn’t show anything apart from the bar slowing down a tiny bit.


Interesting you say that. I plan on attacking my 1rm max effort different. I plan to do doubles until I can only get one.

Thx for the box input. It’s grest advice


I typically drop to singles before I need to, rather than fighting for doubles and losing some gas early. But like we’ve all been saying, this is a learning experience all the way.


Hey Hog my comment yesterday seem to have stuck in cyberspace.
Awesome workout mate.
I would have asked are you supposed to sit back on the box like that, isn’t it kind of like sitting back until you touch the box, keeping tight all the time.
SGDL are awesome, you get a little lower starting position so working the quads a bit more of the ground and a lot of upper back work.


Not Hog, but his box squats are pretty bang on apart from the plop. If you watch the Westside guys they tend to sit back really far and then explode off the box, sometimes with a little rock even.


06/16/2018– Bench like life depends on it

Warmup: band stuff

ME: Floor press 1rm
Giant: BB row x5/ / facepulls x10 (70lbs)

45x 15-20 good and warm
245x1 (smooth)
265x0 (greedy and didn’t go, maybe should have tried it again…)
255x1 (a grinder but got it. Never attempted this weight on bench so it is a prank would be a bench pr too!)

V: 205x6, 205x5, 205x5

DE: OHP 75lb bar weight + green band
X3 EMOM 10 min

Incline DB tempo press 3 sec decent
1 arm lat pull

40sx20/ 70x10
40sx 20/ 70x15

Band single arm tri pushdown to failure
Green band—-20-30
Red band— 10-20

Red— 5-10

Push-ups feet on bench
10,10, with grey band in power rack x5

Solid day. Had to rush the accessory work some due to a late start and the boy had to work.

Hit a flat press all time pr at 255 I suspect the bench will be somewhere around 270 when this program is done. I came in with a grinder 245. Today 245 was nice and smooth. 6 weeks left…I’m not really interested in testing it. I’d rather just keep training and getting stronger. It’s a long way to 315 from where I am…but it is getting into sight and becoming a reality.



Nice floor press! I’m not a fan of the lift (hurt my shoulder doing it awhile back), but I couldn’t imagine doing 265 like that. Hopefully that’s a good sign for bench!