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Losthog-Cruising through the end of the year 531


Late to the party Hog
That was amazing man.

Went up and down just like butter.


I am eating a ton today and my legs are still trashed. I’ll get some body weight squats done tonight to get blood flow through the legs for recovery. I’m still excited. I’m much closer to my goals and seeing increases!

Weighed 246 this AM


Hey, it looks like we might be passing each other on the scale soon!


Funny story - a few months ago it looked like @Markko and I were going to cross paths on the scale - I think we were within a few pounds of each other.

Look what happened.


I’m eating maintance or slight surplus now until I check bf again on Sunday. I didn’t even measure last week.


I remember that!


5/18/18 Bandy OHP deloadish

OHP: pull-upx5/ lift
SS start/ 65x5
Paused above eyes:
(Total pull ups 45 much better today)

CGB: BB row with same weightx10/ / standing ab crunch w grey band x15


Since I’m deloading I decided to try the accessory work with the new bands…it was an interesting change of pace. Bands are supposed to be easier to recover from than dumbbells and DBs easier than BBs

Straight arm with grey band
30,20,13 these were nice and lats got a pump
Did pull aparts with the red band tons of reps to near exhaustion with every set.

Upper back:
Face pulls 100x10.
More banded pull aparts.

Tri pump with grey band. Switches to overhead with green band. Didn’t count reps 3 sets.

Bi pump with grey band with iso holds at the top and reach way back and pull through with bi flexes

Overall it was a solid learning day just working with some different techniques and materials.

After today I’ve been thinking as I approach this dark horse program I’ll do banded accessory work on the light accessory days and DB work with single leg, arm work for medium accessory days. Heavy accessory days will be barbell work. It might be a waste of time but I’m thinking mixing this up will help keep me fresher and not tap so deep into the recovery reserves on every workout and muscle group.

Adding the single leg/arm work will also lead to keep imbalances in check as I move forward. I’ll use this dark horse program to branch out in my understanding and experiment some with techniques and exercise selections.

Set goals, train hard, eat well, and recover. Enjoy the people in your life and laugh often!


If you’ll allow me to weigh in here, having done a lot of band stuff as assistance work lately, I think your best bet will be to keep at least some kind of DB/BB/KB movement in with the assistance work each day. The bands used exclusively leave a bit to be desired.


@mr.v3lv3t thanks for that! Great information.

So I should save the band Ac work for days when I’m beat to hell…


I like the idea of heavy/medium/light assistance days, I’ll look into that on my Darkhorse experience :slight_smile:


This is pretty much what I’ve been doing, hitting body parts twice a week, once heavy or heavyish, then later as lighter session. Bands work well for the pump and but only do them at the end when you’ve thrashed everything


So you like the banded assistance? What benefit is there with it? What draw back? @I_Luc


Yeah they’re definitely a nice option to have when you’re feeling beat up but don’t want to totally skip assistance stuff.

I should have been more specific in that they leave a lot to be desired from a performance perspective. The bands alone don’t offer a lot of feedback aside from a pump (which is not necessarily bad).

But, since I’m having trouble expressing this with words, let’s use an example! Say for your deadlift day you decide you need to work your hinge pattern, upper back, and hamstrings as assistance. Your days could look like this maybe:


  1. Rack pull
  2. T-bar row
  3. Band hamstring curl


  1. Good morning
  2. Facepull
  3. GHR


  1. Band good morning
  2. DB row
  3. Pull throughs

That’s how I’d approach it, but I also don’t know that much and it’s totally preference haha.


Over the years I’ve managed to drift into programs with a lot of volume and variety. I convinced myself that I need to do horizontal pulls to counter bench. I need vertical pulls to counter OHP. I need reverse fly’s to hit the rear delts. I need face pulls to battle the effects of sitting in a car all day. I need to do a 2:1 or 3:2 ratio of pulling:pushing exercises. I need to be good at pull ups.

Eventually I end up doing sessions like pull ups, cable rows, pull downs, face pulls, reverse fly’s. I don’t even count deadlifts as back work!

As you can see, the exercise list and workouts get long. I like your examples above for different intensity options, but I’d probably just use the heavy day and change the load/intensity. Those are good exercises. If you want to punish yourself then swap out Nordic hams for band hamstring curls.

I’m finally learning that simple can work. I don’t have to hit each muscle from different angles every workout. I can probably get by just fine by changing my main exercises a few times a year.


5/19/18– Deadlift romance

Banded dislocates, pullaparts, bi/tri, facepulls.

Prowler push w/25s x5 20yds
Lunges x10-15
Kbs (10) 10-15
Burpees x5

Deadlift: (45) KBSx5/ / HKR x10

SS 155x5
375x5 (grip was on the verge)

Paused: 2-3” off floor
285x2 (preaty spent)

BB front squat: Med slam/ / Russian 25x10


BB hip thrust:

BB seated good mornings:
95x20 (low back was feeling good)

Bench leg raise hip thrust:

Came in feeling very fresh and hit some good deadlifts. ISO held the last top set for :30 or so. Really dialed in form on the paused sets and worked to get the whole body tight through out the motion

Back felt good so I pushed the good mornings a bit but far from the max efforts I’ve done in the past. I think good mornings really aid getting tight in squat and DL. They suck but so effective.

Solid day in the gym. Instead of deloading this week I’m just sort of deciding how I feel and pushing what needs to be pushed and backing off what needs rest… I’ll cut back after mid week and light lift after Wednesday’s work.


@mr.v3lv3t and @JMaier31

Great discussion and thanks for the input. I’m still working out what assistance exercises I’ll add to this darkhorse program and how to do light, medium, heavy work. If I take Tate’s advice I’ll keep the assistance 8 weeks or so. And rotate the variation lifts every 2-3 weeks. Simmons suggest rotating variations weekly. I’m not sure I’m efficient in the variations to justify the weekly rotations and I’m not running a true westside style split.


Awesome grip strength!


5/21/18– Bench but don’t cry

Usuall + ropes, bear crawl, burpeesx10, arm circles, arm swings

Bench: Bb row Weight on barx5/ / air squatx5

SS start
Went for pr
225x2 (two very solid reps! New guy spotting me was hovering with the bar. I told hit back off but he didn’t…get the f away from me you dousche bag!)
245x1 (son spotted this one. New max on bar lift. It was sooooooo slow going up but I got it. Maybe had 250 today but not wanting to miss a rep done)

Paused spoto press:
165x5 (last rep was hard)
Wide grip spoto pause:
165x1 ( it was like I left my body on this rep and I nearly blacked out. Locked it out and racked the bar. Awesome feeling)

Incline with red band set up: (band+35 per side.

SS: stand ab crunch grey band/ / butt walks
Bar plus band 15
135x5 (band was 170-180 ish at lockout)

Lat work:
Max pull-ups plus wide lat pull down

3/ 100x20
4 chins/ 90x20
3 chins/ 80x20

Single arm row low to high light Bb style

BB curl 350 set: 75lbs too light
30, 16, 9

Tri work:
Tri roll overs with 15s
3 sets of burn. 150-200 reps.

DB Bench slight incline w 30s:
65, 45, 20 chest was on fire

Cable crossover working low to high:
30- who knows just finish it off. Too many to count.


Decided to send the grow signal to the triceps, and pecs knowing I won’t bench again for a week or more. Last big workout before darkhorse is Wednesday and it will be a in and out hit some numbers and leave. Deload until Monday and darkhorse begins.

I did check the bf calipers on Sunday and I’m 15-16ish percent on those so I’m good for hammering the food. I’ve been eating more and still having trouble holding weight. It’s a plus! Glad I spent two weeks in lower carb slight deficit. The body cut some of the fat and I can grow again…

My wife said you look bigger in a good way. I’ve been thinking the same thing more muscle mass showing and less flabby. Glad it is not just wishful thinking. I still have some fat to burn off eventually but with increased muscle mass it will burn off quicker when I do cut back. I like the mini cuts for a week or two then a maintance/ check and go…

This is the first time ever in my life I have bench pressed my body weight.!!!


Way to go buddy that’s awsome


Thx girly! I’ve been keeping an eye on your goings on. Is the job situation going better? It seems to be.

Believe how incredible you are! You are unique and that doesn’t mean bad or good. Be proud of your individuality.