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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



I need to figure out how to deload properly. Here it is 12:00 midnight and I’m wide awake. I went to bed at 10:30. I would say insomnia is here. Body is saying shut it down bro…


Sleep is a funny thing. I sleep my best when hitting the iron hard and being quite active, when I have periods of no lifting, my sleep suffers. Although I still have periods of shit sleep, lots of shit on at work etc


5 sets of 3 @ 70%
I like something like this for when I don’t NEED a deload but should deload. Easier to hop back into normal training mentally from this.


x 5 @ 40%, x 5 @ 50%, x 5 @ 60%
This will murder the fatigue you’re carrying but you don’t necessarily feel ready to jump back into normal training even though you can. This is my fail safe if I feel something is wrong.

Cut accessories/supplementals by at least 50% or out completely.


5x3 at 50 per cent and no accessories


I’m the same, up until a certain point. When I start overreaching too far, my sleep suffers big time. Full body aches, wandering legs, I’ll even get the sweats/chills.


I agree with these guys. Train good, sleep good. When it’s time for a deload sleep and appetite suffer. Sometimes it takes a week + to get back to normal. And I wish I’d toned things down a week sooner.

But any time, if I go too crazy I get the wandering legs/ cramps and can’t sleep.


Deadloading a bit next week myself. I’ll probably sleep like a rock the whole week too. The body needs rest.

And pizza and steak.


There are different ways to do it, you need to try different things and see what works bet for you. Cutting back too much on volume and intensity can make you feel weak and the weights feel heavy when you get back to normal training, doing too much will not allow you to recover properly. Cutting back both volume and intensity to 70% seems to work for a lot of people (70% of the last week’s working weights and 70% of the reps on working sets), I find that 90% intensity and 50% volume works better for me.

Whatever you do, don’t be one of those guys who reduce the weight and do high reps instead, that can burn you out even more. No matter what, you are going to do less total work.

Re: adductors: I had (and still have to some degree) a similar issue, what seems to help the most is the tactical frog stretch alternating between contracting and relaxing the adductors (there is a video on Chris Duffin’s youtube channel). When it was worse I was rolling my adductors with a lacrosse ball on a bench, you could try to do this on a chair but it doesn’t work nearly as well. However, this only gets into the lower part of the adductors close to the hamstrings and I was feeling tightness closer to the top front of my thigh so what I did is place a barbell vertically up in the corner of a power rack to support it, lay on the ground on one side, and put the bottom end of the bar on my adductors and look for tight spots. It definitely didn’t feel good and it was awkward but it worked. I got the idea from seeing Duffin and his friends with those boomsticks and stuff, I don’t have one of those and I was alone so I figured out another way to do the same thing. Just don’t do this before training and don’t overdo this sort of stuff because that can cause more problems.


Take a couple of days of completely maybe 3 do a full body workout
do 3 x 3 with 50 percent squat and bench.
That’s it no more. Take a long walk.
A couple of days more rest
Work up to a single at about 90% on squat and bench. Take a long walk.
A couple of days of rest.
Get back to the gym ready to hit it hard.

I like to walk for recovery gets the blood flowing, and some fresh air to the lungs.


I haven’t been hungry all day today. I woke up and ate 4 eggs and 1lb of steak at 9-10. Still not hungry at all. I can afford to drop some weight so I’ll just play this out…


I lost 8lbs yesterday. 272.3 this morning. Down from 280.6 yesterday morning. I feel like shit.

Yesterday I got some interesting news about work. Couldn’t sleep…

Today is here. Training today is optional. I need some food, and rest.

I’m still not hungry today. I did force down a shake this morning.

2 scoops protein, 20 oz milk, banana, and 2-3 spoons of peanut butter


Hopefully all’s going well at work mate, that can always throw sleep and everything else in your life off. We kick off our new school year on Tuesday, aren’t you lot in the middle of your school year now?


Yes. We just started the second half.


Didn’t eat lunch today. Just was never hungry. Forced down a 2 scoop shake and some mct oil.


Man, I’d just force some food down. Deloads are meant to be for recovery and losing that much weight so fast and not eating isn’t going to help that at all


I know man. Something is bad off…


01/25/19– squat deload


225x5 x5 sets

Leg press
225x10 x3

DB stiff leg deadlift:
50x15 x3 sets


Going home to eat and rest this weekend. I may have caught a bug or something. I’m never hungry over the last 2 days. Can’t wait to see what the scale says. I’m lightheaded as I sit here typing this. Need some calories


Yikes get better soon man.


Sounds just plain terrible.
Get better soon Hog.


Weighed in 273 this afternoon. Means I’ve blown through glycogen stores and now I’ll be burning fat. :joy:. This could be good…

Cooking some fried rice with the leftover chicken and rice meal preps. Gonna try and force feed my body and get some carbs back into the system.