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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



:joy:. I’m planning on getting a conservative clean 9 for my first meet. I can’t compete with these strong old dudes where I live. There are some serious cock strong dudes that live in my state. Most are poor or not into weights. The ones that are are impressive.

I was looking at weights from past meets. Most of the top lifters in my age/weight bracket are totaling 1400-1600.


Chris is right. You REALLY need to get a belt. It will help with your squat, and your max dead attempts tend to put your lumbar into extension - this would help you brace and solve that issue. I’m gonna be following your journey all the way to that meet, and you’re gonna smash it.


Tonya Harding approach it is…


Feel free to speak up and help me overcome ignorance any time. I’m planning on getting a belt next month.

I’ll check the price of a local guy here getting started and I’ve been looking at the pioneer single prong. Little research yet to do…

I just got a set of knee wraps and have tried to put them on a couple of times. Watched some videos. I was going to use them tonight just to feel them out but as I was stretching and winding them up … I dropped it and was going to have to start over… screw it let’s squat.


Glad that you’re planning to compete hog. This log has reached another level of epicness. I’m no expert but I wouldn’t really change what you’re doing this early on. You’ve been making good progress the whole way and I don’t really see a reason to mix it up right now. Probably want to peak later on like others have said but I’ll leave that to the more experienced posters


Don’t stress about the comp this far out and don’t look into and worry about what other people in your area have lifted. It’s a battle against yourself big Hog.


Finally back in on it brothaaa! Big goals for a big man. Let’s go!


I saw on pioneer’s instagram that they have a microadjustment single prong… staggered holes for even more adjustment options. That might be worth looking into especially if you’re looking to lose 20lbs over the course of this year, since your weight will inevitably be fluctuating up and down at various points


Belt, useful. Learning good bracing more useful.
Wraps, not so useful. Once you learn good bracing and learn how to use a belt, then they’ll have a better impact.


Pioneer Cut Masterace. Mine is sexi as


That’s the one pig! Some of the leather options for belts look so :fire:.

@lava2007 welcome back.

@I_Luc no worries mate. Although I did find myself much more focused last night. I hope that passes soon :joy:

@MarkKO your truths are so there…

@idontbrag123. Epic? Date Tate will never read my log now. :joy:


A great nickname for the founder of Enchilada Fitness.


Hell yeah get after it. 9 months is plenty of time for 300 bench to fall.


Haha, I can picture this all too well. I would have likely done the same thing.


I was wondering why you weren’t posting, only took a month to find the new log


Welcome aboard


01/23/18– Bench progress

Warmup: band stuff (given)

Incline football bar hand on 3rd grip

175x6 x6 (+10lbs from last week)

JM press:

105x12 (+2 reps per set)

Bench DB back fly: 3 min set amrap w 10s

X45 (1 min straight)
X10. (Got more reps than last time)

Pull ups: assisted w/ band after 1st set

X2 (+1)

BB row:
225x8 (straps) (+1 rep)
225x8 (+1)
225x8 (+2)

BB Shrug:
225x10 (stayed here instead of pushing 275 worked on form and hold at the top)

Face pull: 3 min set

60x 55
60x20 (+10-15 reps from last week)

Preacher curls:

75x6 (huge pump)

Band pull aparts: green band hand and thumb away from end of band.

X20 (+15 reps)

Solid workout. This workout I was not excited to be in the gym. I’m not sleeping well. Got something going on with my left knee and adductor. Gonna deload and hit it hard in a week. I’ll cut volume back and lighten the lower body work to recover.


Is everything in alignment? I get a tight right hammy when my pelvis is off. If you’re back / SI joint is off then it could be pulling on something.


I think I did something to my knee a week or two back when I was deadlifting on tender legs. I’ve been watching it. Then when we did wide box squats speed work, on about set 8 my inner thigh felt like the muscle twisted and did a sumersalt in my leg. No painful just tweaky. I felt it again tonight on barbell rows and occasionally when I stand up. It’s been 7 weeks I’ve been hitting the legs hard as hell. I’m usually good for 6 weeks. So it precautionary more than anything. I don’t want any set backs and if pulling back for a week allows things to workout. The long game is better off.

It’s not something I couldn’t work through, but it’s not something I want to necessarily test when I don’t have to


Youve made incredible progress recently but your still new to the lifting game Hog,take it easy, back it off for a bit mate, listen to the body