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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



01/20/19– DE bench

Warmup: band stuff

DE bench: +1 chain set after 135

135x10 (getting some extra volume here)

DE sets 10x3 emom 140 bar + chain (180 lockout)
180x3 x10

Incline DB press: 3 min set x1 with 25s DB
X17 ( pecs, tris, anterior delts on fire)

Tate press:
35sx 12 x5 sets

DB SS front raise, side, bend over back fly

20/20/20 (holy hell im on fire)

Seated clean and press:
15sx 10

Cable row v handle plus red band:

DB hammer curls:
40x10 x4 sets

Lying leg raise hip thrust:
X10 x5 sets

Band pull aparts:
100 reps

Done 89 minutes. Would have been faster but I spent 5-7 minutes looking for a kettle bell that apparently was stolen last week. I’m pissed someone stole my personal equipment from the school gym.

The workout was money. I raised the volume on the accessories this week and will progress the volume and or weights on it for one more week before lowering it in a 3-4 week cycle.

The timed sets are money. Big plus and a great addition to the routine.


I mentioned that I just make up names for my stuff so I can track it. I call this superset the Three Headed Monster. It’s a timeless move - it always delivers. I might need to throw it back into the mix.


I like the name!


I’m gonna try that today as a finisher thing :slight_smile:

is this what I think: set a timer to 3 minutes, then do as many sets as possible?


I used these back in my more bodybuilding type training days but always did, side then rear and then front last. Great exercise combo.
I used to use these with what I called run the rack. So start with the heaviest dumbell you can manage do the three movements, immediately drop to next dumbell in the rack and repeat until you run out of dumbells or can’t lift your arms.


Yes sir set the timer and try to move the weight for three minutes without stopping. When you stop rest a bit and then back to work until the timer ends


That would be about three sets for me because I start with 15s or 20s. I treat them like a mechanical drop set and always finish with the bent over rev fly since it’s actually the strongest of the three movements.


@JMaier31 @simo74 run the rack? I can’t imagine doing more than a few light weight sets. In the past we did them doing 20/25/30 reps. Increasing the reps per movement and two sets is more than enough


Found my first meet to compete.

Have no idea how to prep for this. I have 7 months to figure it out…

@littlesleeper @BOTSLAYER @I_Luc @IronOne @idontbrag123 @MarkKO @chris_ottawa


Oh, heck yeah. Keep training hard and nailing your weak points. Make sure your training is specifically geared towards bringing up your big 3.
Then get yourself set up with a nice 8-12 week peak, and BOOM: PRs across the board.


Dude, you can totally rock this! Heck, that’s only 6 hours away from me, I wonder how hard it would be to simultaneously prep for strongman and powerlifting?


Come on brother. I would love to lift with you! This would be awesome to meet ya!


It’s not that complicated, JTS has a lot of good videos that would give you some ideas. Basically, you want to be training fairly heavy the last 3-4 months before the meet and towards the end do some heavy singles, doubles, and triples to both get used to weights close to your max and get an idea of weights for your attempts.

At the moment, doing a bit more volume might be a good idea, not necessarily high reps but you could also do submaximal stuff on the comp lifts like 8 sets of 3 with 70% for example. If you just lift heavy nonstop you might burn out or plateau before the meet, and that’s not what you want, the higher volume training is good for losing fat and building muscle plus it will increase your work capacity.

Also, it looks like you only squat once a week, squatting twice a week would be a good idea and help your technique significantly. Rather than adding another lower body day you can do a few doubles with about 60% before you deadlift. It won’t be enough to fatigue you and negatively impact your deadlifts, you can just look at it as part of your warmup.

You said you never used a belt before, get one unless you don’t really want to lift more.


I’ve always done 10/10/10 with 15s at most. There’s not much rack left after those. My gym has 12s, 8s, and 3s so I guess I could go about six rounds. That sounds horrible.


This is going to be fun, beastmode Hog on the platform.
You should start by finishing that big wheels program you’re running right now.
I would probably sign up with a coach that really knows what to do.
If you don’t then ask @BOTSLAYER he made a program to @littlesleeper.


TBH until you’re five or six weeks out you don’t need to change much. Make sure you get plenty of practice on the comp lifts so you nail technique. Make sure you don’t get too beat up, and hold off on heavy singles until you’re peaking in that last five or six weeks. Drop volume a ton during that peak. Deload fully the week of the meet.


Back in the day I would do these seated on the end of a bench. I would use a little body English with the heavier weights and start with 20kg (44lb), that would then give me 15(33), 12.5(27), 10(22), 7.5(16.5) and 5(11). It was never nice


Time to smash it Big Hog!


Qualify for worlds. I’ll donate 2 bucks for plane tickets


01/21/19– Fun with chains

Warm up— rolling in the floor looking like a walrus

Wide box squats— +2 chains (+80)


160 (+80) x2 x 10 sets emom

Sumo deadlift with chains (+80)


275 (+80) x3 x5 sets
275 (+80) x6

SSB Goodmornings:

180x8 x5sets

Banded seated hamstring curls:
X25 per leg x 4 sets (huge hammy pump)

BW rev hyper on a table:

Standing band ab crunch:
X25 x5 sets

Suitcase deadlift:

135x 30 sec per hand
135x20 sec per hand
135x 20

Done in hour thirty. Wasn’t feeling this one going in but it ended up being a solid day.

@chris_ottawa added the squat doubles just for you