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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



Not sure if it’s because I’ve only had 1 cup of coffee or it’s early, but took me 3x to read this as bench and not beach. The football bar is brutal, incline bench isn’t fun either so together it sounds miserable. Nice work +10 across 6 sets with no misses, I would take that any day.


Today I was feeling bad from the start. My kneee wasn’t feeling :100: so I’m guessing I was protecting it some and not finishing the lift. The video doesn’t lie. I thought I was close to burying these squats. Instead meh.


They were very close. I’m thinking a touch high.


You read it like was intended. Pun intended.

This was the first real work on a press of any type in 5 weeks or so. I’m glad to just be back pressing.


I just read your maxes and ours are almost identical, with bench being exact same. Race ya to 300 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love a good challenge. Ok


yes, not powerlifting depth if that is what you mean by cut depth.

anyway, looking awesome. can’t believe the progress you make.


I’m gonna say thanks. I’m not quite comfortable though believing the progress is that good. I’m just now what I would consider on the low side of average strength for a gym bro.


fantastic that you manage to train that hard without getting sick or injured, save for your shoulder issue recently. i had to reduce my commitment a lot because i couldn’t recover. i can’t even push 2 really hard sets of neither DL nor squat without feeling sick between the sessions. maybe it’s an issue about work load, nutrition and sleep besides training.

and i don’t know from where you get your data of how strong an average gym bro is. you know the world’s strongest man contest is not the place to retrieve that kind of data, just saying.


I guess you have a point. The guys I see lifting I’m not even touching the hem of their warmup weights. So I’m gonna keep grinding.

I want a 500 squat and 600+ dead. If I ever get over a 315 bench I’ll be a happy man. 405 is the dream lift on bench but with my leverages and age it would take a near perfect training 5-10 years to get there and I’m not sure I have that much more time in the game to make gains healthily. Time will tell…get it done or die trying.


Bullshit! Go get it gainshog. Age is just a number


LOL, strong words coming from a young pup. Still, I’ve got 10 years on you Hog, and I haven’t stopped making gains yet. I have faith in you, especially since you’re more consistent than I am. Just don’t get hurt.


This is the tricky part of an old man’s gains.


You’re preaching to the choir, buddy. Slow and steady, and don’t let your ego start writing the checks. Heheh, how many aphorisms can I squeeze into one short comment?


I don’t see too much info around on longevity of training over decades.

Listening to your body knowing when to push or let off. Training conservative like always leave reps in the tank. No technique failure or breakdown.

I dunno. Luck and genetics


It’s funny as you age, I feel better than ever, am looking better than ever and try to be as consistent as possible throwing the iron around. A good mate of mine lifts on and off, he’s always complaining about age and how it’s too hard, haha, fuck that, it’s a shit mindset!


I’m with you. I’m in much better shape now than just 5 years ago. Being older does provide more mental discipline and fewer excuses (for most of us). There are still the whiners that complain about even breathing because It takes too much effort…but they won’t last :joy:


The longest break I’ve taken from the gym in the past 10 years is about two weeks. I haven’t really notice any ups or downs during any particular period of time.

I won’t say that I feel better than ever at my current age but I don’t feel any worse either. I guess the common factor for feeling like crap is being out of shape.

Some people will try to blame my injuries on the gym and they may be right, but I’d rather live an enjoyable life full of injuries than a safe life full of unhealthy habits and discomfort.


Well, age does require you to be more circumspect, I’ve hurt myself a few times from thinking I was as resilient now as I was 20-30 years ago. More often than not, though, I hurt myself just from being stupid or cocky, even now. Even so, there’s a positive trade-off if you listen to your body, as you become more aware of what you’re capable of or not. Unless I’m trying something I’m not good at (like log clean and press), I never go into a lift NOT knowing exactly how many reps I’m capable of getting, or how much weight I’m going to be able to lift.

This, so much. Except for people I know in the strongman/powerlifting gyms in Topeka and KC, I’m stronger than almost everyone I know, doesn’t matter if they’re 30 years younger than me. I have a few long-term aches and pains that will keep cropping up, but a lot of people my age that I know carry themselves like they’re 70’s instead of 50’s, because of said life full of unhealthy habits. Even with the chronic injuries I’ve accumulated, I’m stronger and healthier now than I’ve been in my entire life, even in my 20’s when I was in shape to do mini triathalons.


It’s good to see that strength keeps increasing!

The only difference I notice in myself now compared to 10 years ago is that I’m probably using lighter weights. I’ve changed ranges of motion and my mental cues. I like to tell myself that I’ve made positive changes instead of thinking I’m weaker.