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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



I’ll try the massage.

The podcast has some amateur hour production and delivery, but the information tends to be good for me where I’m at in training. I can usually grasp the general concepts and discussion points as they “think” out loud.

You picked up on what I did too. I like what he was saying about giving his athletes high five and tying that to variation method


Get some nice looking lady to do it for you. Much more enjoyable


My daughter bought me some Himalayan salt heated massage balls for Christmas, and my wife has been using them on me since the holidays, and they work wonders. They’re about the size of pool balls, and I’m sure regular pool balls would work just as well since there’s no magic to Himalayan salt other than it looks cool. Before, she could barely get through my muscles using her forearms and elbows, and she’s actually a trained masseuse and not weak by any means. The hard material and small surface area plus the heat lets her really get into my traps, lats and subscapular muscles. If you or your S.O. are massage-inclined, I highly recommend them.


This is a very good point my poor little wife doesn’t have enough umph to get in there and loosen stuff up. She tries but is just too small. These balls are a great idea


01/16/19– Day at the bench

Warmup band stuff

Incline football bar 3rd handles:
Doing a progressing 6x6,8x8,10x10 until I feel the shoulder is ready for heavy work at least 5 weeks.

165x6x6 no miss so +10 next week.

JM press:

Back flys on a bench for time: 3 min using 10s
X45, x25, x25. I’ll stay with these until I can hit 3 min straight. Or who knows…

Pullups: hands outside shoulders
1 unassisted
5 orange band

BB bent over row:

BB shrug:

Cable face pull for time 3:00: 60lbs
X45, x15, x17, x17, x15

Ez bar preacher curls:

Suitcase deadlift and holds: count

135x 10 sec
135x 20 sec
135x 15 sec (core crusher)

Band pull aparts: green band hand width from end
X50, x25, x25.

1 hour and 20 min.

I love this style of training. Lift heavy get some bloodflow in there and get out of the gym. My upper and arms are crushed. Awesome day in the gym.


Tomorrow will be a low calorie day


It looks like tomorrow will be wide shoulder day.


Every day is a wide shoulder day for some people…


Especially when they have had their clavicles widened !! :joy:


@FlatsFarmer @OTHSteve @simo74 I have narrow shoulders. Did one of you guys mention clavicle extensions. PM me details… think I’m too old?


You just need to be fresher than the cadaver from which you steal your extensions.


I can’t sleep. Super excited about tomorrow’s lifts. Crazy. I haven’t been this pumped about a lift coming up in a long time. Hitting 355x 5 squat for a top set…


Hell yea let’s get it!


01/18/19– Super Squats day Week 7 12 week plan

Bands for shoulders
Migill three
Body squats
Leg extensions

45x10 (f me I’m tight)
135x10 (the weight loosens me up)
225x10 (ugggh I feel like shit)
285x5 (today is gonna suck)
Working sets
315x5 (not bad)
335x5 ( I’m not sure I’m gonna survive today)
355x5 ( holy shit I did it)

Leg press:
565x6 (holy shit what am I thinking)

SSB walking lunges:
115x20 steps (form and depth sucked)
85x20 (I hate walking lunges)
85x20 (picture perfect reps, vomit near the release point of no return)

Lying leg curls:
95x8 (new weight pr)

Stiff legged deadlift: last time was 265 lbs not happening today

185x8 ( this was too heavy)
185x8 (lighten it up dumb ass)
135x8 (money on the weight got a great strength)

Done in 69 minutes

Nearly passed out on the floor post workout. Gathered what was left of my sorry ass and packed my gym bag. Waddled out to the car and listened to the radio for 10 min before driving home.

Totally Crushed. The fatigue of this program is setting in. It’s gonna take a strong will to finish the next 5 week of this. F this program. I decide what I finish and what I don’t. I’m not backing down I’m finishing this shit or it will break me…


That workout post. Felt like I read a dramatic novel…:joy:

Good work. You have the fight!


niceee man strong workout. knew you had that 355x5 in you


I read back through my logs. Most I’ve ever done for 5 is 365. Today could be a pr though. If I’m remembering that workout it seems I misloaded the bar with something else lighter. Either way toward the end of this one I’ll be repping near my Aug max for 3-5 reps. Yesterday I felt like I had a huge squat in me like 450ish…


Just got my gym video from my buddy. Looks like I cut depth some with this set…


Was not too bad. Are you able to hit depth but didn’t or can’t go deep in the first place


Awesome workout Hog.
It looked parallel to me.