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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



01/13/2018– DE upper

Warmup: band stuff

135+ chains 1set (40lbs)
10x3 EMOM

Tate press:
35x10 x5

Front raise/ side delt raise SS
15s x10 x 3 sets (I’ll add a set each week to push vol)

Back flys:
20sx10 x5

Shirley Row:
70x15 x5

DB single arm row: pull through the elbow to hip
50x10 x3. These were money…long time since I’ve done these.

Seated DB clean and press
20x8 (wow my shoulders were smoked)

Hammer curls:

Hanging knee raise:
X10 x5 sets

Nice DE day. We will push volume up on the accessories in 3-4 week cycles. Due to the shoulder not really ready to heavy press I’ll work the repetition method 6x6 with 50-60% (I’ll check the lift rep chart) and progress the weight each week until I hit a stall then go 8x8, then 10x10.

Diet thoughts:
Low carb most days, carb load on leg days pre workout and chest meal post workout.

I’ve been thinking that I can cycle carbs and let my body use them to recover from big workouts and then starve the body of them after refueling. One day a week will be low calorie in the -700/1000 range. But maintenance calories on other days 2800-3000 calories with low carbs. For cabs I’ll have 1cup of rice at lunch each day and try to limit or avoid carbs the rest of the day.


good luck with that


1 day a week of 700-1000 cals, fark! Thats breakfast!


Mate that’s just desert.


I ran strict keto for 6-8 months and dropped from 275 down to 225. This will be much easier than staying in the 30-50g of carb per day. I will use the principles learned in keto and just make sure the early meals and evening meals are low carb (veggies, no bread, no sugar). Lunch will have a serving of rice. So it’s not a true keto diet just a very low carb

I tracked one day last week just to see where I was and I hit 80g if carb for the day and that was including my lunch with rice and veggies. It does make eating gross at times.

Sometimes I eat butter as a snack. Or I may bring mct oil back…


It has been :joy::joy::joy:. My breakfast now is around 400 calories :flushed:. Shake and some butter coffee. It’s a short term thing just to check up on the body fat and weight gain.


I know you’ve been eating to fuel your training but I can’t help but notice that you did an extremely rigid fad diet to lose weight but now you’re back within 5 lbs of your starting weight.

You’re smart enough to do this right and maintain your desired weight but I wanted to point that out.


Great point. The difference is then I was 275 @35% bf

Now I am 275 and around 22-25%. Big difference


Yum snack butter


01/14/2019–. Deadlift day

My lower unit was still crushed going into this one and I almost skipped it to something weird going on in the left knee. Both my training partners were gone it would have been easy to skip…instead I worked out

Warmup: some body squats and bounces in the area that hit the sore tight legs (wow the legs inner hamstrings were sore and tight never been sore in here before…)

So tight I decided to switch to sumo to change up the groove.

185x5 (these felt good but not great decided to just work on my sumo form and try and get something respectable on the bar)

275x5 (was going to use this but needed 315 for around 60% of my conventional max)

315x1 (knee acting up here)

Back to conventional
315x4 (got the minimum reps for this range and shut it down)

Goodmornings with SSB


Banded hamstring curls seated:

Pull through:
80x10 (decides to keep this weight and work form and m2m connection)

Standing band ab crunch big blue band:

Done 58 minutes

Turned this into a kind of recovery workout to get some blood flow and just keep moving foward. Gonna feel out the knee moving foward. May shut down the big wheels program. It is awesome but I may not be able to hold up and finish.


How much longer do you have on it?


5 weeks. I’m over halfway done. The muscle recovery is not the issue. My last deadlift session I got a weird pop/ sliding feeling in my knee on the next to last set. I thought better watch this…

Squatted on it…no issue but it felt “not right” after squatting. So today I wanted to just feel it out and keep it light. It got the same feeling on the next to last set of sumos…

I just don’t want to do something that will slow me down if i can pause a week or two. But you know me by the time Friday gets here I’ll squat :joy:


I’ll just up the fish oil intake and ZMA at night and get through it


Was the pop loud? Sounds similar to what happened to me on yoke.


My knees snap and pop constantly when squatting. Is it a normal pop? Do you wear any wraps at all? I fell off the bed of a truck about 10 years ago and smashed my knee, it was fucked for weeks and I couldn’t walk on it, let alone squat, however since then I wear very stretchy wraps above 120kg or so, I just feel it helps. They are almost like a bandage type material.


Smart play. Stay safe hog


Yeah Hog, don’t end up with a knee injury.
My go to is: how does it feel upon waking, does it hurt, is it swollen and how does the stupid thing act up during ordinary daily tasks.
If there’s no real pain and it isn’t swollen just take care during workout.
If there daily pain and it’s swollen then something might not be good.
But I know you know what to do. Stay safe Mate.


Haha best to not exacerbate any issues, but Friday will tell.


I wear knee sleeves more for warmth than support. Maybe I need to wear them while deadlifts.
It’s the first time I’ve ever had any knee issues when doing lower body movements so it’s a new thing. Maybe it’s due to the increase of leg size and strength. My legs are growing big time all over. This program is hitting my legs like nothing I’ve ever run before.

@mortdk there is no pain afterwards. It is just a weird feeling while moving through the essentric (upward) movement of the deads and squats. Post workout there is no swelling to maybe slight swelling. I can feel where it is afterwards. Even this morning as I type this I feel it on the inside of my knee right on top just to the side of the patella. I have to be careful because I don’t feel pain always.


Can you try to massage or loosen up your VMO or the “tear drop” part of your leg. Like the knot of muscle just above where you feel the pain/tightness? I tried to copy you, and did a few sets of 10 “squatting” the other day. My little VMO dudes got super tight. I could feel it on the “inside” or my knees too.

I listened to that podcast about variations of lifts you recommended the other day. Except for dude’s obnoxious breathing, it was pretty cool.

I like the parts about learning a motion through doing slightly different executions of the motion. And about learning and neuro muscular coordination. And about using more difficult motions instead of more weight. Those are all ideas used big time in Westside style programming. Did they stuff that podcast guy talked about sound like anything you experienced with the Dark Horse program?

It was also interesting to hear specifically about the high bar, wide stance squats being effective. I did lots of that (on a box to protect hips from wide stance, with the SSB or Manga Ray bar holder or front squat to get higher bar position) to try to stop folding over in the squat myself. I think Mark and Koestrizef messed around a little with similar stuff too.