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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



Yeah, I’m flirting with the idea of moving to a full body type of rotating intensity programming.

3-4 days a week

Mon- Squat (H), Bench (M), Dead (L) A: Shldr/ Lat
Tue- Squat (M), Bench (L), Dead (M) A: lower/core
Wed- Off
Thr- Squat (L), Bench (M), Dead (H) A: Tris/ Lats
Fri- Squat (M), Bench (H), Dead (L) A: Lower/core
Sat/sun off

Heavy: Triples up to 80-85%
Med: 5s up to 70-80%
Light: 8-10s 50-60%


Nice OHP, 175 ain’t easy, especially with long arms. Guns lookin righteous too dude!


You’re in good company - Dan John considers curls a primary lift, too. Aren’t curls really just a hang clean without hip assistance? :joy:


Have you squatted 4 days a week before. Even with changing intensity it can be very fatigueing (that is so not a real word) !!


Almost, but the historians have it backwards: hang cleans are really cheat curls


We have awhile back. It’s been awhile. I might need to be slow about progressing into this type of thing for long term training. Also, why would I move away from what is working currently. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.


Must have been working hard it you shit right there!


I don’t think doing squats and deads four times a week is a good idea. I tried The Daily Dose of Deadlift for a bit and added squats to it. It was too much and it only took like a week to figure that out. And that was just 3-5 reps at 75% every day.

Also, I prefer to go heavy, light, medium if I’m changing intensities from day to day. So your Monday would be heavy squats, Tuesday would be light, Thursday would be medium, and repeat.

You really just need to run SGSS. Write out the weights for every session and stick to it regardless of how you feel. Your constant urge to work yourself into the ground is definitely your weakness.


04-12-19 Bench blah

Warmup felt like crap. Took it slow and did more warmup than usual. Never felt good really.

95x5 (these felt heavy not a good sign)
185x3 (felt aweful)

Work sets:
265x1 (wanted to be done)


Did some shoulder mobility wrk and called it a day.

Woke with 101 fever feeling terrible. I haven’t moved from the couch today


Dude your sick again?!? Sorry man that’s terrible. Hopefully this one won’t last so long. Get better Hog!


Yeah. This one blindsided me and I am still on the couch. I can barely think. The fever with this sickness is bad.


Ooh, sneaky historians. One exercise with two names, from which they select, depending on their audience.


Worth spring allergies in full season, and you being around students all week, I’m not completely surprised you’re sick again. Illnesses are weird nowadays. A couple decades ago, they’d hit for a few days then be gone for another half year or year. Now, they linger and return. It’s weird. Hang in there and do what you need to to recover fully.


For training, I like your idea of every other day lifting. That’s the traditional power lifter method, anyways. Here’s a relevant quote from CT:
"Volume and frequency are inversely related.

The more frequently you train, the less volume you should do at each workout… that is, if you want to build muscle or strength. So the basic principles for natural lifters are:

I’ve found at least for myself, high volume and high frequency have been a combined enemy against recovery.


Rest up Hog.
Being in a school builds your immune system well, but then bam, your hit with all sorts of crap again. We’ve got Influenza ripping through our school,plus some sort of gastro.


I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’ve been sick more this year than any in the last seven. I can’t seem to break free. It is on a monthly revolving cycle.


Get better Hog, being sick sucks big time. Look after yourself; Stay hydrated and sleep as much as you can!


I got 15-20 hours of sleep the first day, around 15-18 on day 2, 8-12 last night with a nap or two today. I’ve been able to get a half a protein shake down today. Saw 264 on the scale this morning. I’m down 6 lbs


Damn, Hog. At least you’re giving your body ample rest, but this does not sound like a gentle bug that you caught. Hoping for a speedy recovery!


I may appear like a cry baby with all this sickness and tweaks, etc. but I haven’t been :100: healthyin a long time. And yeah this bug is the worst I’ve had in a long time. I missed school today (we had a track meet and I’m the only bus driver). I drove to a taco truck this afternoon to try spark the appetite some.

Today’s food:
2 scoops w water
2 scoop w fruit smoothie (was only able to drink half)
Now I’m eating some street tacos :flushed::man_facepalming: