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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



What have the 45’s done to you :slight_smile:
Good to see you pressing again.
Smart to shut i down in time.


We don’t have a set :joy:


01/08/19– Back blast / Deadlifts


405x3 (15 working reps at 78%)

Pull-ups (slow and full extensions)
1 unassisted
5 orange band
5 orange band
4 orange band

Single arm lat pull downs
30x10,10,8,8 (tried 50 nope, 40 nope)

Bent-Over pulldowns single arm

Rack pulls wil band at hips around neck (learned from old pro power lifter)




Band pull aparts w green band

25 x 4 sets 100 reps.

Middle back and erectors are smoked!!!


Hell of a workout!

Trying to picture this…and failing.


I’ll take some video next time. When setting it up it seemed dumb. But getting into it it was money.

The band in on the front of the rack around hip hight stretched across the rack parallel with the floor. The bar is at what ever rack height you are pulling from.

Bend over and put both parts of the band over the head down on the traps. Set up to pull the bar and as you extend up the band trys to pull you foward and down. It hit me in the middle back along the spine. Erectors I’m guessing

When he showed it to me he said it would work the middle back that is used for lockout on the deadlift. It looks dumb as hell but it works good. The first few reps I relaxed at the top and the band tried to pull me back down and I lost my balance and had to catch myself.



Thanks for the explanation, I think I get it. Bands can definitely be used in interesting ways to vary the stimulus from a lift.


So after that explanation in visualizing the band going under the bar and up to your neck. It forms an L shape before you pull, right?

And what are these? Straight arm pull downs?


A newbie doesn’t need all these fancy lifts!


I don’t disagree with Flats here.

That said - as long as what you’re doing has a direct reason and is addressing something that a simpler movement can’t then go for it.


Oh man! I was just kidding around. I totally agree with you. Do whatever you can to hit what you need to hit! I don’t even believe there is such a thing as a fancy lift.

I kinda don’t even believe there is such a thing as a newbie.


01/11/2018– Squat demolition day

295x3 x10 sets

Leg Press—
335x25 x4 sets

Leg extensions—
60x25 (last 4 reps were partials)

Leg curls—
60x15— OMG my legs were toast

DB Stiffys—-

56k lbs moved
Done in 1:15.

I could barely walk out of the gym. I am crushed… awesome leg destroyer day. The squats are getting strong as I can ever remember. Squat sets have a :60 rest between sets. This program is money for legs.
I’m not giving it up until it ends…


Welcome to my world. That’s been my standard rest for over a decade. Performance might suffer more from set to set (compared to longer rest) but we’re training to achieve a desired effect - not to hit a 1RM every day. I think @MarkKO’s training is proof of this.


It’s also a fundamental thing to have short rest doing westside style training on dynamic type days… move more weight in less time is a sign of strength as well as more total weight.

I’ve usually rested :60-:90 tops. I’ve done a few programs where they suggest 2:-4:00 between sets and I don’t feel like I’m getting any training effect


I think it’s put my conditioning ahead of the average weight lifting gym bro too. I feel like I need to do better but I don’t feel so bad when I see guys post that they kept the rest short and were huffing and puffing and the rest interval was 90 - 120 sec.


Also, I might not ever be happy with my conditioning and my performance might not measure up to the running crowd, but I can recover pretty damn fast. My heart rate recovers in about a minute even after an all out bout of exercise. In my line of work that could be life saving. Go hard - stall - finish the job.


How is the rehab coming? What did the doc say about the hip?


I haven’t seen the Doc yet. My appointment is Tuesday. I haven’t improved one bit in my hip. Rest hasn’t done anything for me. I’m still avoiding squats and deads because I’m tired of the pain but I don’t think I can make it worse.

My chiropractor said my muscle on the outside of my hip was gritty. He said it as he was doing graston and leaving bruises on me. It’s not good but I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve been taking magnesium because it’s supposed to help muscles relax but no luck.

I’m just focusing on my upper body and conditioning. No one is going to look at my legs for the T-ransformation!


Hey, just want to say mad respect for all the time, effort and progress you’ve made as I skimmed through your logs. You inspire the sheeeat outta me. Here’s to an injury free 2019 to the 40 and older crowd (I’m joining in a few weeks).


damn dude that really sucks. :confused: hoping you recover soon.

lol. upper & calves. calf monster. :confused:


Thx! Give me a shout when you get your log going!