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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



Wats your fatigue rating lol


Looks like you’ve found a good balance of hard lifting and fatigue management :+1:


Like a 3. I seem to be getting more energy back every lift :flushed:


Yeah this is working well for me.


Good to see you feeling better. It looks like you’ve found a good balance of volume for progress, without too much volume just for its own sake. I know my old body responds better to just a few working sets, I can recover better that way, and rest/recovery is where you get stronger.


With all the fatigue talk does RPE now stand for rating of perceived exhaustion?

I look back at my first few posts when I started logging workouts here and just shake my head. 2-3 hour workouts everyday with no progression scheme, 0 deloads, 0 days off.

It’s a learning process for sure but you won’t find out how much is too much until you actually do it and look back on it later.


03-31-2019 Overhead impressive day


Work sets
Down sets: paused at forehead up and down
135x5 x3

Close grip bench:

Wide grip lat pull down: (our machine is so good)
80x20 x3

Side and back laterals:
15x10, 10
15x12, 12
15x15, 15

DB Tate press: (elbows are sore)

Barbell curls with fat grips:


Some nice OH pressing big fella.
The hog doing Curls now???


Sure why not. :crazy_face:

It’s in the program. And with the recent elbow issues I’m thinking I need the biceps to grow and pull the structure back the other direction.

The variation training helped with accessory selection and rotations.


A few weeks late to the party here, but I took a more basic approach in terms of just cutting down on my overall volume at the end. I did 3 weeks of 3s (a lighter day of 3s at 85% and heavier days at 90, 92, and 94%), cut out half of my assistance exercises after the first week of 3s, and then attempted a new max after my sixth/last sessions of 3s. It looked like this for squats:

Week 1: 5x3 355 – 3x3 365
Week 2: 4x3 365 – 3x3 375
Week 3: 3x3 365 – 3x3 385
Week 4/Max week: 405x4 (amrap)

I know Maier pulled off some super impressive PRs doing it CT’s way. I had already tinkered/bastardized the program so much that I decided I might as well see it through to the end, so I did what I thought would work, and it did. Keeping the volume low and the form strict was perfect for me. Before that last cycle, I had attempted a 385lb back squat and nearly died. I was able to bust out 3x3 385–and I am a little hesitant to say–easily, by the last week of 3s. Focusing on simply executing the movement is much easier for me when I know I don’t have to do 8, 10, 12 reps of it. Taking it one rep at a time is easier for me when I know I only have to do it three times.

So the biggest thing for me was cutting out the volume and just focusing all my energy on moving heavy weights as fast as I could for no more than 15 total reps. My assistance was low volume, light weight stuff. I would do one set of 10-15 good mornings ~115lbs, a set of 15-20 goblet squats with 100lbs, and then extra core and weak point work (mainly rear delts, because there’s never a bad time for that).

This time around I might do it CT’s way. I’m still about 10 weeks out from that so I’d just take Maier’s word for it. and Mort. Two guys both smarter than I am about this stuff.


Glad you are feeling better hog. It’s amazing what a program with a training max and higher reps at sub maximal weight will do. Well done mate


You might’ve short changed yourself! The 3s phase is the intensification phase (really digging deep with the high intensity work) and the final three weeks is the realization phase aka peaking.

But this is all null and void now; he’s back on 5/3/1.


Nice overhead work! Also nice to see there’s one lift I can still hang with you on… :stuck_out_tongue:


You aren’t kidding’, ha! Seems like every time I look in here I’m getting further behind haha


I’ll probably do it his way this time. My cycle ended up being 11 or 12 weeks instead of 14 (I think SGSS is supposed to be 14…like I said, I’ve bastardized that program so much that I can’t remember which stuff is CT’s and which stuff is mine!)


04/03/2019— March is Dead Lift!

Warmups: Bike, lunges, 3rd world squats

Working sets
375x3 (last doh)
+425x8 (hell yeah 1-3 left) mixed grip

Down sets (snatch grip with straps)

SSB squat:

Banded hamstring curls:

Standing SSB Goodmornings:

Standing banded crunches
X30 x5

Super deadlift session tonight. I decided to push the top set and see what was there. I pushed deep but left a few in the tank. Work will slow down soon. Still have some irons in the fire creating some stress but it’s better than it was. I’m recovering well.

Diet is trash, I guess I’m not able to get below 270 but I’m only casually trying to drop weight.


You’re the fuckin man.


Top sets are a great tool (I don’t really use em myself lol but I’ve heard)


Here is the lifts…


That’s some serious grip strength, Hog. I switch to mixed grip once I get above 300. I could probably get 3 reps at 315, but that’s about it.