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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



You’re the weakest guy your age? Are there 10 of you in that gym and did you take a poll? You should come to my weak ass gym. I thought I was the master at negative self talk. C’mon man, you’re awesome. And a beast.


How old are you Hog?


This is a good place to be.

Take a long look at your training, at the strong guys’ training and then ask the strong guys what they did to get to that point. That’s your starting point.

You have a ton of potential to get strong. I’ve said this before. To realise that potential you are going to need to train with much more self control than you have been. Constantly going balls to the wall and pushing yourself into the ground will land you where you are now.


I’m 45 this year. Not too old but far from young


All good. This is why we moved to this gym.


Yeah that’s not too old. You’ll get back into the swing of things. Feel better man. Just remember the power of positivity. You’ll always get better results if you believe your gonna get better results!


Hog you are the same age as me and you outweigh me be nearly 100lbs and outlift we everywhere. Don’t compare yourself to anyone accept the old version of yourself. How strong were you 1 year or 2 years ago?? Mark is spot on about patience and time. Most really strong guys have been at this a long time, other than Dylan Hellriegel, that fker was born stronger than me. Lol


I’m good guys. I post my mental state as well as my physical so I can use this as a place to see where I’ve been, where I go.

I do plan to stay under 80% moving foward. I thing the ME/ DE variations was a valuable learning experience for me. I’ll take what I can from it and progress.

I’m running 531 again for awhile just grinding along and not digging deep…


I like the digging analogy.

If you want to dig a really deep hole, you’ll need to stop periodically to shore the sided up or it’ll collapse on you. Digging is training, the depth of the hole is progress and the sides waiting to collapse are fatigue. The props are fatigue management.


45 is very far from old. Shit can that thought from your mind. Gracious!


That’s a really good analogy, Mark. I need to keep that in mind.

I’m not too worried about Hog’s state of mind, though. He’s just monitoring and reporting, he’s not one of our 16 y.o. compatriots who are on a hormonally-driven emotional roller coaster… I love those kids, but it can be tough talking to someone who doesn’t have some of the perspective that age and experience brings. My own 16 year old is the same way.


I’ve noticed something as simple as an unplanned day off goes a long ways towards recovery.

Lots of walks really help me too. Good both physically and mentally. Deep, slow breaths on these walks. I try to make them active meditation.

We are all coming out of the dreary winter months. Better, warm, sunshiny days ahead. I think we all forget the toll a long winter plays on us.


Surround yourself with energizing Crystals!


You could at least tag me. :roll_eyes:

I kid.


Unless you’re doing 5s PRO with a low TM I don’t see how running 5/3/1 with the AMRAP sets isn’t digging deep.


I’m much much worse than you haha.


Sounds like just what I need.

Instead what I decided to to is a good old day of yard work. All alone, outside, on a Saturday, me and a pair of cloppers. I’ll look for some crystals while I’m cutting bamboo out of the fence row.


Yard work on a nice day is the best therapy!


I know both of you follow the Hog’s log, don’t worry :slight_smile: and you know we’re all here for your journey!
Edit: and let’s please not get into a ‘who is worse’ contest! We all lose, then…


I feel productive! Cut trees, bamboo, fixed the cloppers, moved some junk, cleaned the mess the family left for me in the kitchen.

Had a great day!