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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



Hope the ankles alright mate. I’m guilty of doing stupid shit like that too, haha


At least you didn’t have to hand him your man card? Sorry for the pun but, “heel” up soon!


Are you a dad, Trim? That’s a solid dad joke right there…


Guilty. Also a chronic smart-ass from birth.


i hope you will recover soon and that it won’t hamper your preparations for the masters too much


Oh I would have been guilty of exactly the same thing.
Hope you’ll “get over it” soon :slight_smile:


02/08/19– late night squat party

All is well with the ankle. It’s a little “off” but nothing major.

Warmups: band stuff, lunges.

SSB box squats: (new set up had a monolift to work with and bands)

Work sets: 225 + black bands x3 x10 sets to 16” box

Deficit speed deads: 2” deficit
275 + black bands x3 x10 sets

Reverse hypers:
180 loaded x10

GHR: (I can finally do these)
X8 (decided to stop here. I’ll progress the shit out of these)

Hanging knee raises

Time 1:10
24k session (this is surprising)

We (the little group I lift with) all are moving to this new gym. It was cool last night working out in a new place with new stuff.

It’s shocking to see I got 24k lbs in last night. Nothing ever felt heavy or hard and I was never tired. Maybe I’m adapting…

I know I feel the GHR and Rev hypers in my ass and hamstrings this morning in an good way. I’m glad I didn’t push too deep with the new exercises.

We got out of the gym at midnight. Mostly because the gym owner we met last night wanted to shoot the shit for like an hour once we got there. I hope this is not the norm. :joy:


You are hardcore hog. I love it :slight_smile:

Keep having fun. That’s what it’s all about.


What’s happening with your lifting crew? How many dudes do you have now? What kind of progress has everyone been making?

Good job with glute/hams.


There is three of us. We are moving from the school gym (long fucked up story) and going to a powerlifting/ strong man gym that has 24hr access. At this new gym there are two guys in the top 10 in the state for powerlifting.

Yeah the whole crew is getting stronger. The young guns (“joe” my son and “dozo” his buddy) have added 15-20 lbs of body mass last year and hitting PRs almost every week. They turned the nutrition corner this year and are eating on schedule.

Dozo wants to lift competitively in the 168 class. He is a bench guy almost benching 300 at 165lbs bodyweight. We have a lot of work to do on squat and deadlift. With him.

Joe is built like me and rips big deadlifts no problem. I’ll really have to dig to stay ahead of him on deadlifts. His squat and bench are lagging but growing.

We are hoping to compete this year and get some totals to build on.

The gym is around a year old and us bringing in the specialty bars was a welcome sight for them. They are expanding and I hope they continue to reinvest in the gym and add a few pieces of equipment here and there. But is has enough to get the job done and done well!


Too bad about school, cool about the gym.

With an enthusiastic team and the proper envIronment y’all should do pretty well!

I’m ready for the video documentary.


02/10/2019– speed bench day

Warmup band stuff

DE bench:

Work sets: 155 (+double red minis)
X3 reps x8 sets

Decline DB 3 min set w/ 20s:
1:50 x130 reps
X50 reps
X23 reps ran out of time (+20-30 reps from last week)

DB tricep rollovers:
30x10 (9 clean 10th was sloppy)
30x5 (+9 reps)

Plate raise:
25x15 (added this last set)

Side raises w/10s
X15 (added set need to do a new exercise)

Rear delt raise on incline bench w/ 10s:
X15 x4 sets (need a new rear delt exercise)

DB rows single arm:
50x15 (added this set)

Shirley row:
90x10 x4 sets

Dumbbell crossbody hammer curls:
40x10 x4 sets

Russian twist w/ 25 plate:
X30 (+10 reps)

1:20 Sunday bench day is always a longer day.

23k session.

Super day at the new gym. They were painting a mural so there were some fumes when we started.

It was nice to bench on a competition bench. The bands were a little stronger than the chains we had been using. Joe mentioned he doesn’t feel fatigued like we have in the past could be a warning sign we aren’t getting enough stimulation, or better that we are riding the growth sweet spot!


Some nice good quality volume. In to follow your log and watch the progress.


02/11/2019– ME lower spider bar squat

Warmup: lunges, bands, bw squats

Spider bar squats:
405x1 (super clean rep)
415x1 (+10 lb pr any squat 102% shut it down)

Seated Goodmornings:
265x10 (+20 lbs)

Rev hyper:
185x15 (+10 reps)

Banded seated hamstring curls:
X30 (huge pump held the last few reps)

Band Standing ab crunch: big blue
X6 (abs started cramping and would not let me do more)

Airdine bike:
5 min light pace

35k lifted 1:15 min.

Awesome pr on the squat. I haven’t touched 405 since last August and it wasn’t heavy on the back at all. The rep had some pop. The 415 was a conservative pr but I’m glad I did. I got a weird shift in the bottom on film that I didn’t notice while doing the lift. Something I need to fix.

Any suggestions please advise…


I think this is part of the beauty of the conjugate method. Since you’re changing lifts so frequently, and adding a lot of emphasis to accessory work/weak points you’re able to recover better. I know when I would just go in and squat for 40minutes I’d feel a lot more run down than hitting the squat for 15 minutes and then rocking accessory movements (a lot of just bodyweight or banded work) for the remaining 40mins.

Good Hog. Congrats man, the cambered bar is a tough one. I did some box squats with it last week, and it required a lot more core to keep tight with it as it tends to “sway” a bit during the rep.

It looks like you got off centre a tad when you hit the bottom and you may have lost some upper back tightness as well, but otherwise it was a good rep with some decent speed, and those things are expected to happen at 102% of your 1RM. Nice work!


Hell yeah! I’m finally getting caught back up on logs (and I skipped a chunk of reading, simply overwhelming) but what I read from a couple weeks ago was illness, no food, feeling like shit, and then a solid squat PR, that’s cherry.


Moved okay and yeah drifted a little. Do you find you can move more weight on that bar vs regular back squat? I think I might like the spider bar.


First time ever using that bar. I think it’s harder than a regular squat. But being the first time and not testing my squat since Aug idk.


02/13/2019– ME 3 board press

Warmup: band stuff

45x20 (bar moving smooth and fast)
275x1,1,1 (long story)
285x1 (103% of max any press ever, super smooth rep)

Swiss bar wide grips: 8x8
145 x 8 x 8 (biceps pumped weird)

DB rollovers:
30x7 (+5 reps trade this out next time)

DB rev fly on incline bench:
20x15 (+5lbs per set, add a set next time)

X1 (regressed with these they are out next time)

T bar row chest supported

Band pushdowns: green band

Band pull aparts green band moved hands in:
X30. (100 rep minimum)

Ab rollouts: (a strong ass chick called me out)
From knees

From feet:
X yeah right. :joy:


Plank with bird dog extensions
1 per side (owner of the gym called me out)

25k session
1:20 total time before ab rollouts

Met one strong ass chick today her total is close to mine :flushed:. She is gonna teach me to use knee wraps… she said that she loves the SSB bar and is using it two times a week!

The gym owner was working on an 800 sq foot expansion. The gym is gonna get better! He called me out on some core stuff and he did some push up thing where his hands were extended out above his head and feet together and did a push up, so did the chick she did 5. I of course tried… no way jòse.

Solid day my upper ring is smoked! Loving conjugate!