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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



Eaaaasy rep lol. Surprised that was pr you could have had it for a triple


That is around 60% bar weight…what percentage do you use?


I meant more you say 200 + 50 in chains and not 250 at the top.

But I use 40-50% for speed.


Oh right on. Whew… I was thinking I had screwed something up and gonna have to work back through all this crap again.

I may need to drop the bar weight some like you have done to get more speed out of the hole. My DE squat is anything but dynamic. I’ve never been an explosive guy more endurance for me. So this is something I need to work on…


What is your Max squat?


I really don’t know. 405 is the last max I’ve done back in Aug. I’m sure I could get that but there should be more.


I’d go 40,45,50% in a 3 week wave with 10-15% of your max added as accommodating resistance.


Jesus dude, I’m eating twice as much as you.


02-06-2019 ME floor press

Warmup stuff: Bands

Floor press: (this is the exercise I hurt my shoulder on)
260x1 (102% PR and most I’ve benched since injury)
275x1 (Hahahaha fail off the bottom my bench max)

Incline Swiss bar: 6x6 with 185. Last set was strong.

Tricep roll overs:
30x10 4sets

Back flys on incline:
15x15 3 sets

X2 (6 new total reps at 270+ ish BW)

Rev Grip barbell row:

Suitcase deadlift and holds:
135x 10 count per side.

1 hour and 10 min. Shut it down due to time more than anything. I have a 90 min limit I’m getting my work done in. Not running over that…

17k lifted

Solid day. Pleased with new floor press pr and getting back on an exercise that hurt me was good mentally.
I’ll keep the “hypertrophy” sets in until I hit a 300+ bench or my meet gets closer. Trying to fit as much volume in as I can recover from.

I was starving coming into this workout and had taken my protein home so I had nothing after lunch. Going to stuff the face!

Nice ME day


You already pr’ed. Why fail 1rm?


I’m learning how to tell when I’m done. Failing reps (a no no I get it) is something I’ve never done. I usually stop short of failure. I’ve noticed this recently. I am rarely grinding reps, they either go and go smooth or nope they don’t go at all… so it’s a bit of learning about me and my perception of effort really.

Is it disappointing? Sure… does it affect me? Not really it’s not life or death…I’ve got a spotter. :joy:

I’ll dial it in and know when to say when… I had more but not 15lbs more.


It effects your nervous system as well as wearing you down physically.


It better adapt then…


Lol :rofl:


Suck it, nervous system! You will submit!


Woke and weighed.

272 lbs. I’ll take that!


So I may have a slight stress fracture in my right ankle. Last night I decided to show my son I can do what he does.

He stands up from sitting on the couch and hops over a large foot stool (can’t spell autamen). Laughing and says you can’t do that old man. This has gone on for over a week. Last night I decided to show him the old man still has it.

I sat down on the couch, popped up, sprung over the piece of furniture, nearly hit my head on the ceiling, and landed like a peg legged pirate on the other side. This was no soft cat like landing but a stiff legged heel first jolt to the body that shook the house.

This morning…the leg I landed on just below the bump on the ankle is not feeling well.

I showed him! I’m too old for this shit…


C’mon, Coach! You’re better than that - you know how to land!

Hope it’s not a fracture but the plus side is that you can kind of keep training with one of those. You might get a walking boot but you can still train your legs.


Lol damn. That would definitely be something that I would do and get hurt doing it! Fingers crossed it is just a little agitated at the moment and not broken/fractured. At least you didn’t break the ottoman!


Dude, wait until after you cut some weight before getting into stupid human trick contests with the progeny!