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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



It was so good…:joy:


That’s a good proper cheat meal lol. What size was that pizza ? it looks tasty


14” pizza. I even left a piece behind which I rarely do…


I actually hate you right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


02/03/2019– Pizza fueled DE bench

Release the conjugate!

Warmup: Band stuff / 25plate Russian twist x50

DE bench: 55% bar + 20% chain 155/55


Wk sets: 205 lockout
10 sets x3 reps.

Decline dumbbell 3 min set with 20s

1: 15 - 97 reps

  • 30 reps
    -37 reps
    Huge chest pump.

DB roll overs w/ 20s

Plate raise w/ 25
3 sets x20

Side raise w/ 10s
X15 3 sets

Bench supported rear delt raise w/ 10s

DB row: hit the wall here…

SS: Shirley row/ DB cross body hammer curls

70x10/ 30x15
70x15/ 30x15
70x15/ 30x10

23k session

Monster upper body pump. All done in 1:20 or 80 min.

Awesome first day. I’ll try to carry 6 weeks of grind before deload or 5 then deload on six.


Quick little posing session in the mirror post workout?


You know we did. :joy:


You can’t waste an upper body pump!


02/04/19— ME lower

Ft squat: (previous best 275)

295x1 (20lb Pr). 107% previous max

Seated Goodmornings w/ SSB

Lying ham curl: SS hang knee raise
90x10. / x10
90x10. /x10
90x10. /x10
90x8. /x10

Pull through

21k session

Done 58 min


The lift…


+20 and some left for next time. Good job.


You didn’t have it in a proper rack position like an Oly lifter, doesn’t count! :stuck_out_tongue:

Beastly lift, brother. I need to step up my front squat game.


My shoulders won’t allow that :joy:


I feel like I’m starving… I’ll hit a shake tonight. This new volume has to be fueled. I may try to wait until I get into the 260s before I up the calories…or I could rotate two weeks maintance and one week low…choices choices


Let yourself be hungry. Get the protein you need, but if you stay in the 270s for long enough in your 40s, you’re asking for prediabetic conditions. The good news is fat loss is faster and easier than muscle gain, and you’re strong as shit. I genuinely believe you could hit all the numbers you’re hitting right now in the 240s, or even less. You should aim to drop as much fat as you can FIRST so you have as much time as possible to prepare for your meet. Of all the indicators of health - BMI, BF%, etc. the simplest one is the best metric for general health - waist size. It’s directly affected by visceral fat. Men with a waist size of 35 and under are DRASTICALLY less at risk for heart disease and a myriad of other conditions. Let’s keep you healthy enough that when I reach my 40s, you’re still shitting on me with your lifts in your 50s-60s! (Which is totally possible either way)


Thx brother. I needed to hear that!


+1 for @flappinit’s comment! You’ve mentioned cutting a time or two but then you start attacking a new program and eating to fuel your training. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that - you just need to pick your main priority and stick with it.

Are you trying to get stronger?
Are you trying to cut fat?
Perhaps you could aim for maintaining strength while cutting fat?

That last one could be the same training program with lighter starting weights, slower progression, or using the same weights in short cycles (like a 5/3/1 progression with the same TM cycle after cycle).


You are a huge inspiration for me, man. I’m never gonna mince words when it comes to your health.


I’m on conjugate. It’s self regulating in some respects. ME work will be what ever it is on the days. The DE work is where I will start seeing the diet show first I figure.

Everything I’ve read from a wide swath of sources (CT, Meadows, Paul Carter, etc) say that calorie deficit should not affect training recovery as long as protein levels stay high until sub 10% body fat.

I did a seven site body caliper method a few days ago and I was just under 25% which is way to fat ass for where I need to be building from.

My daily calories are around 2000-2300. With 240g of protein. I should be fine. I’m working on carb cycling. Eating low carb veggies at night and only one “carby” meal at lunch. Sometimes when I train I hit honey before and post workout. (Usually on leg days).

Still adding to the knowledge base of me and what works and what doesn’t…it’s an experiment.

My scale is acting funny and I don’t trust it. Varies 5-8 lbs sometimes from one hour to the next…

Adding Omega 3s and being consistent with them seems to help with the weight loss.


No sir, no! It’s bar weight and then some chains, we do not count the “top” weight. Bad losthog, bad!