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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



I knew I read that somewhere recently. :joy:

I was gonna take a picture but it didn’t stay on the plate long enough. :flushed:


01/27/19– bench deload

Warmup—-band stuff

DE bench- +40lb chain on work sets
45x20 (Bench felt good today)

Bar 145 (+40 chain) work sets did 8 doubles instead of 10 triples…deload right?

185 x2 x8 moves fast and smooth with pinky on rings.
Index on smooth moved clunky and misgrooved.

DB incline bench
30sx10 x3 sets

Tate press
15sx20 x3

Triple monster
10sx10/10/10 x2

Seated clean and press

Seated vhandle cable row
60x15 x2

Cross body hammer curl
25x10 x2

Laying leg raise hip raise
X10 x 3 sets

Done 41 minutes.

Nice little deload session. Decided I’ll keep the dynamic effort work in the program during deload I’ll do doubles and only 8 sets. I cut weights and sets and reps on accessories. I cut the total weight lifted by 50%. Normal DE session I hit 22-30k lifted per session. Today was 11k session. I’m already feeling better. I wanted to push it today but held back and I will until next Sunday.

I did add beet root powder to my morning shakes. Also added a scoop of powder green. Makes the morning shake interesting but still chuggable.

The beet powder is supposed to aid in nitric oxide production and help with training energy and pumps.


Took today off. Supposed to be a deload squat day. My training partners schedule was messed up, issues with gym access and a crane, deload week, decided it would be fine.

Work stress is at a tipping point, but should reach a conclusion by Friday.

All things considered. Today is a good day off…




Beetroot powder and greens in the shake, wow! That must be funky to chug. Usually anything that is ‘supposed’ to or ‘may’ aid in whatever is just snake oil and does a good job at lightening the wallet.


I bought one of those greens powders a while back, and it tasted like dirt and cow shit. I bet you’re drinking the smoothie from hell.

BTW the style of training you’re doing is pretty cool. I’m thinking of doing Westside for Skinny Bastards after I become a skinny bastard, so I’m excited to see your progress going into this meet


@I_Luc @muskratlifts

The greens and beets do add a bit of a different flavor to the shake, but nothing unbearable.

John Meadows suggests beet root powder is the only reason I decided to give it a try.

My energy levels are through the roof the last couple of days. Not sure if it is nutritional effect from the added supplements, or deloading. I can rule out sleep. I haven’t slept well in 3 days. Last night I got about 2-4 hours and I’m tired.

The deload is going well. My legs are recovering nicely. I had no idea how crushed they were. I’m still having some soreness around the quad around the knee. But the hamstrings and glutes are tighter and have a ton of spring in them. I was really pulled down after 8 weeks (I finished 7 of the 10) of 12 weeks to ridiculous wheels program.

I’m thinking the quad soreness is soft tissue stretch do to increase in muscle strength and size. My legs grew 1-1.5 inches in 8 weeks. The program was the best leg work I’ve ever done for size. And the squat feels rock solid. So I’m assuming there is a big squat in me if the core can handle the loading on the back…


Woke and weighed 274 today. Down 1 lb over the last week.


My wife buys spirulina from vitacost. They are not all made the same. They all smell like dead fish, but some taste more bearable than others. I can mix it in with my protein shakes and get it down.


1/30/19— Deload Bench work…

Warmup: the usual

Incline Swiss bar bench:
235x1 (fast smooth rep and a PR!)
255x0 ( lost tightness and last 2 inches it fell to my chest. I got it up 2-3 inches off the chest)
245x0 (better tightness went up smooth and stalled 3/4 of the way up. Nice strain.)

Band tricep stuff: 200 reps

Back flys:
10x10 x3


Did some rehab style shoulder work and rotator cuff work with bands

Paloff press:
2 sets of 25 per side

Done in 32 minutes.

Nice deload session. One more deload workout on Friday then the conjugate system begins.

I’m excited. My legs are ready to squat big. DE work is creating some pop off the chest on bench. The reps I get are crisp and smooth.


This a deload mate. You need to reign it in hard if you want to make progress over the long term.


To echo what Mark has said,leave the ego at the door for a few weeks, you shouldn’t be busting ass at all during a deload.


It is a deload. :joy:

I felt really good today. I could probably go back to regular training now.

Thanks for keeping me on track. I’ll keep it reigned in. Until Sunday.

@I_Luc I did cut back. Total volume was only 9k lbs for the total session. I usually hit 20-22k per upper session


Heheh, I have have to agree with Mark and Luc.

Does not compute! I get you’re doing more of a volume deload, but it still struck me as funny…


To be fair, his shoulder kind of had him deload while he was pushing his leg program.


Hey! Knuckle head… when you hit a PR don’t try to go for another 8% increase :stuck_out_tongue:

So let’s break this down real fast:

230 previous max. ( IDK, go with it )

235 is 102% ( awesome )
255 is now 110%
245 is 106%

When working on PRs, especially on bench, try to stick closer to 2-4% jumps.

Keep up the good work otherwise.


I love you Hog.
You’re a beast… Beasts don’t deload the way humans do.


02/01/19— don’t call it a deload de squat

Wide box squat (+80lb chain working sets)


155 (add chains) x 2. 235
245 bar +2 (315 lockout) x2 x8 sets

Conventional Deads (+ bands 90-100lbs)

225 (+90) x3
225 (+90band , added 80lb chain lockout 375ish)x3

Worked 8 sets. These moved fast…very fast

Nothing else because I’m deloading. :joy:

Gonna hit the program hard starting Sunday. I’m ready to train. Scale said 270 tonight. I’m thinking it was an anomaly. Was 274 this am.


Hit a cheat meal refeed?

Pizza oh so good.


My stomach literally just started rumbling when I looked at that picture. Fortunately the wife just started fixing dinner, so I only have to suffer for a half hour or so.