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Losthog—2019 Training for October Masters Meet



If your gut isn’t upset then just force the food down. You probably just pushed it a little too hard for a bit too long.


You’re not pissing a ton, are you - like, an unreasonable amount?


Yep. Burning through stored glycogen


I ate tonight and I feel much better. Tired but better


Pretty sure that isn’t a sign of burning stored glycogen. Sounds more like your sodium levels dropped a ton. I mean, you haven’t been training and while you haven’t eaten much I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t go through glycogen that fast.


Funny you said that. I decided to eat a small portion of sodium. Tonight and slamming water


I think you might have reached the point where your drive to work bit you in the arse. It took longer than I expected it to, which is a testament to your constitution.

Look at this as a reset point where you can start preparing for your meet having a much better understanding of what you need to do and how far you need to hold yourself back to recover properly from week to week without burning out. That’s probably going to include regular scheduled deloads with very low volume and intensity even when you don’t feel you need them.


Every six weeks. I start breaking down end of the fifth/sixth week. I could deload every 4th week. And run 3 week progression cycles for accessories and change them up every cycle. I plan on doing a conjugate system and will shift to a peaking cycle using the competition lifts 4-5 weeks out the. A 1 week deload going into the meet.

Last heavy bench 6 days out, last heavy dead 14 days out, last heavy squat 8-10 days out.



It doesn’t have to be as strict as every X amount of weeks you’ll take it easy. You now know what it feels like when you’ve run empty, depending on shit going on in day to day life, nutrition, etc it might happen quicker or it might take longer. Be smart and listen to your body.


I get where you’re coming from and you’re not wrong (although I disagree but that means nothing because both ways work). Except we’ve seen enough of @losthog to know that he’s got a hell of a work ethic that will often translate into beating himself into the ground.

So Hog, yes, you could be more intuitive of your deloads but I think you’re onto far better approach with your fourth week idea, at least until you’ve figured out better how far you can push before it really pushes back.


Agree with Mark here, find a routine, it could be 3, 4 or 5 weeks before a deload.


@I_Luc @mortdk @MarkKO

The input is highly valued.

Markko you are helping me to paper and pencil the plan from now to then. I’m sure life and other things will alter the plan to some degree but there is a path planned.

As far as the conjugate exercises. More diverse and wildly different exercises farther out. More closely mimics the competition lifts closer. Dialing it in as the comp time approaches.

If I’m careful with planning I can find 3-5 exercises I will cycle through on the way to peek


How’s the weight today? Did you bounce back, lose more, or stay the same?


Woke at 275 this morning so back some. After 10 hours of sleep. I was tired.

I had my shake this morning.
2 scoops chocolate protein
16 oz whole milk
1 banana
2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter
1000 calories. 75g P, 65g carb, 40g fat

And I am hungry already. I think I’m back.

My lower body is crushed like I did a massive workout yesterday. I could not have done the regular session yesterday. Hitting the deload maybe a little late but deload is going. I’ll hit the program in a week.

This week I’ll really focus on getting to bed in time and resting well…


On a lighter note. A guy in my state just set the world record squat this morning at the gym we went and trained at. He is a student of the guy that developed the “Shirley row”.


Hey Hog, I’m sure you’ll be back to feeling good soon. Can’t keep a hoss down for very long. While you’re recuperating, now might be the time to try a bit of yoga :wink:


Indian buffet for lunch. There is zero doubt I got enough calories for the day by lunch.

2 plates

Chicken marasala with Saffron rice. Some lamb curry and goat curry.
5-6 pieces of naan
Chi tea
Some iced cream (mango and coconut).

Had to be 2-3000 calories

Wasn’t hungry but force fed the body


My go to deload lately has been 2-3 working sets without dropping the weight but drop a couple reps. So 6x12x275 will go to 3x10x275.

I guess it depends on if you’re in a high volume or strength phase but this has worked well for me lately.


LOL Did I make you crave Indian food, Hog?