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Losthog- 2019 Redefining Me

You really need to stop whinging hog. You are starting to sound like a pommy.
Suggest you get yourself down to the hardware store, get a spoonful of concrete and harden the fk up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bunnings run


You know it. And don’t forget to grab a couple of snags on the way out.


So, I lived in Bristol for a year and I understand this sentence, but this is complete nonsense to most Americans :smile:


That’s what google is for, my old china plate.


Weigh in this morning 263.4 lbs. lost 8-10lbs since Friday. Or a little under 4% of bodyweight. I’m eating some off and on mostly to try and preserve as much muscle as I can during this free fall…

Stayed home today again from work. Running a slight fever but feeling much better. Headache is nearly bearable. Haven’t taken any meds just letting the body do it’s thing and drinking water, water, juice…

Probably won’t workout this week.


There has been a mystery e coli outbreak in the south east lately. Maybe you’re the first Arkansas case. Did you eat ground beef last week? Or spinach?

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Interesting. I can’t remember honestly if I ate ground beef. Or spinach I never had the stomach cramps or other gastric symptoms of an E. coli contamination. Also my son who would have eaten the same thing as me suffered no symptoms.

Sympoms are more meningitis than e. Coli.
my neck is still swollen

1 kiwi has over 100% of daily recommended vit C. Combine with zinc supps and hopefully sickness will stay away

Your post got withdrawn @losthog I hope it was nice things you said :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It was. Hahaha all in the spirit of fun but wasn’t feeling like defending it if not taken right😂

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How you feeling today ?

Better. No fever, the throat is still sore as a MF’er.

I was headed in to buy some food and I got a violent puking fit I had to pull the car over only to dry heave. Something is bad wrong. And my doctor sucks. My insurance sucks. I’ll try and get to the weekend and rest. I will work come hell or high water

Who knows what the fuck is wrong with me other than I’m fucking old and I work in a germ factory and workout at a gym that never cleans jack shit. :joy:

I bet the Government put it in your flu vaccine.


Sometimes it can just be a case of a build up of fatigue. I often find I am so stressed at work (not that I show signs of it outwardly) that when I add in consistent blocks of heavy training eventually the body just crashes. I normally find as soon as I have a few days off work and relax that’s when the problems start.
You seem to have a very full and busy life hog. Can I ask what do you do to relax and unwind. Please don’t say you go to the gym. I mean truly relax both the body and mind ??


Your body is not going to eat its muscle unless it’s out of other fuel.

I drink and watch Netflix with my wife. Does that count as relaxing?

Some people never change…go back to the stamps. They are more to your licking…

@simo74 what do I do to unwind… during sports season not much. I come home and get enough rest to do the next day. Weekends are as much down time as I can manage. I don’t have any real hobbies, or distractions other than the family. We enjoy just hanging out together and eating.

Some would say that chilling on the couch with the wife and watching a movie is a great way to unwind. Others would say that watching TV is not a great way to relax the mind. If it works for you then keep doing it.

I would try to schedule some proper quiet time in your week. 30 mins for a hot bath or 15 mins a day of meditation (quiet time with no distractions).
It can be hard to find time to do this but if you practice it can be fitted into a normal week. I have three times a week when I am at my kids karate or gymnastics. Inusually find a seat in the corner, close my eyes and do some breathing exercises. I’m able to block out the noise around me and sometimes find myself going to sleep. Look up relaxation breathing or box breathing.