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Losthog- 2019 Redefining Me

The plan is to test comp bench. If the conjugate method is in place to advance the comp lifts then having not tested them since Aug of last year plus 8 weeks of conjugate it should show improvement right?

In 8 months I should see some growth in lifts even if small

Not stressing it really. I lift for fun. I will doubt my programming if I haven’t advanced even a little

Well, life got in the way a bit. This week isn’t a good week to test. I suggest you run the program for another three weeks and build yourself back up before you test.

If you didn’t eat any carbs for 48 hours and had a shit workout on squats then would you blame the program or your nutrition?


Great point. It wasn’t just me. My son got a 10lb Pr over the last 8 months also. So something isn’t jiving.


I’m not really following… Isn’t that good?

From the outside looking in, I think conjugate is going to be good at making you strong. But you’re focusing on comp lifts. I know conjugate does that too but power lifting is specific. The skill of the movements us something that has to be practiced, repeated, refined, perfected.

I think conjugate is great for you and a lot of other people, but if you want to consistently set new PRs then you need to implement a very specific peaking phase prior to testing.

I’ll use my pitching background as an example.

I can improve my arm strength by playing long toss. I can work on my mechanics on the mound or flat ground (no throwing). I can throw 75% effort bullpen sessions and work on pitch location. But if I don’t ever step on the mound and let it fly then my game performance is going to be less than optimal.

You see how the tiny variables can be beneficial but also keep you from hitting your peak performance?

Personally, I’d run the ME and DE effort days with the comp lifts for a three week wave and then test. You could also do a legit peak.


Runs program for 8 weeks, gets sick and doesn’t go to the gym for a week, doesn’t hit PRs on first week back. Program sucks.

C’mon Hog, don’t be a TNation Meme, lol.


You are cold as Ice!


Haha, he knows it was said with love. :heart:


What ever. Ok, I get it. Not worried about it. It’s my training. All good, busy my balls. I need people telling me what I need to hear, not…

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Bodyweight: 270
7 site bf%: 21.79 (-.5%)

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Hang in there, Hog! I’ve caught up on your log and saw you were sick for a week and a half - that’s bound to affect performance, even if you didn’t have to miss working out, too.

I lose strength quickly when I stop lifting. On the one hand, it’s depressing and makes me wonder why I even bother. On the other hand, it helps maintain perspective - enjoy lifting, but don’t get too focused on it, because at life’s end, I’m not taking physical strength gains with me.

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You read my mind. That is exactly where my mental state is currently. I’m questioning everything and wonder if I need to just get healthy and trim down.

I still have a goal of benching 315. I may re evaluate after that. I still want to hit a 1300 total in a meet and would love to hit some squat and deadlift numbers but with me it’s a race against the clock.


03-20-19– ME bench

Warmup: felt like complete shit

65x10 ( still felt like boo boo)
135x10 (what a shit day this is gonna be)
185x5 (heavy af)
225x10 (hell yeah rep pr) 1st time doing this!!!

Incline close grip:
165x1 (blacked out on this rep but didn’t drop it)

Wide lat pull down

Barbell behind the back shrug

DB tricep rollovers
20x20 x3 (elbows were screaming)

Ezbar preacher curls
65x12 x3

Felt terrible going in had a nice rep pr and hit one of my goals for the year by hitting 225 for 10 reps. My form broke down on rep 7 and the last rep was a grind. It’s a start.

I’m still not 100% but getting healthier. When I sweat I have that sickly sweaty feeling like the body has a bunch of poison in it.


Rep PR even when not feeling 100% is a positive in my book. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow after not lifting since Saturday and being sick, we’ll see how that goes, so I’m here with you on the sick train! Don’t let a little blip in health discourage you, you’re kicking ass.


Excellent choice! Great job.

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That’s where I’m at too. Since we’re just a couple years apart in age, we’re thinking along the same lines.

For me, abstract goals help me stay motivated. They’re abstract in that lifting is a hobby, a health pursuit, and, at times, a way to build relationships. It’s not part of my livelihood though. I have to draw the line when I find lifting has gone from being a positive addition to my life to being a negative drain in some way.


03-22-19 Deadlifts

Warmup: airdyne bike 5 min

385x4 (grip failed)

SSB close stance toes straight:

Banded hamstring seated curls:
X40 x3

Called it a day. Felt better but weak as hell. Getting old sucks. I’m still trying to recover from sickness. Who knows when I’ll be back to :100:


Oh another cool updat from the gym. I’m the weakest guy my age or over 30 in the gym. A guy my age pulled 675 today…:flushed:. I suck. Carry on

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If 675 is the standard then I think everyone is the weak guy in that gym.

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I think you still have a lot of worth as a Person.


It’s a battle against yourself Hog, fuck everybody else. It’s good to have some competition, but don’t get hung up on it.