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Losthog- 2019 Redefining Me

You’ve been pretty sick. Not sure that qualifies as a deload as such. Still a ton of stress on your body.


I would start really light for at least a week or 2, you need to let the body recover. Having the squirts for over a week does way more to your system than just not eating properly.


Thanks. I have that feeling of needing to load back into a plan or program and not just jump back in. You saying this just verifies what my body/instincts are telling me.

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That’s a great offer! Except for this little flu-hiccup, you’re on a roll in the gym. All I’d have to do is not mess you up.

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03-18-19. F Me squats


Comp squat ME:
375x1 (stupid hard rep coming off of 10 days rest)

Down sets: pause in bottom
295x5 (tweaked left hammy f me)

DB RDL with 25
X10 x3

Leg extensions:
50x20 x3

I felt like shit today didn’t hit 400 for a single. Wtf. Being sick hurt the shit out of me it looks like. My regular squat has gone backwards in 2 weeks. I hit a 405 on the SSB just 2 weeks ago now I can’t get 405 on the straight bar? Or is it the conjugate system? Being sick? I’m at a loss.

Thinking I’m not getting enough lifts to make progress with the conjugate system. Or I don’t do enough tren for it to work for me.


I think it’s finally time I do this program. I’ve been staring at it for a LONG time.


Me too

Damn dude, just minor I hope! Is that the same one you’ve had problems with before?

I would blame the poor workout on being sick. And picking a tough session for a return to the gym.


Your bad workout is from your illness and down time. Some people feel weak after a complete deload/layoff. I’m one of those people. The 3 x 5 with 40/50/60% from the OG 5/3/1 made me feel terrible the following week. I can’t deload like that and you did even worse - you did nothing.

I felt weak today as well but I think I finally figured out it’s because I’m too depleted.


Yeah a minor tweak I think. Didn’t feel like a major tear. I should have eased back in after 10 days off. I’m too old to be learning rookie mistakes. The clock is ticking and I’m not getting any younger.

Yeah I like to handle heavies during a deload even if it is in the 70-90 percent range. Doing nothing doesn’t work for me.

I’m still a little stuffy head not :100: and it showed up today.

I can’t believe you tried a ME day. I think you’d be better off doing an entire week of DE stuff with lighter loads. Make sure the weights move fast but don’t grind so your CNS doesn’t suffer more.

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I treated today like a meet was the plan. Like I had reloaded and was going to test all three lifts but after the squat I just mailed in the rest of the day.

My girl hit a 235 in wraps today for a Pr so today wasn’t a total loss


You’ve been really sick mate, it will take time, if you push too quick it will fuck you up.


Damn Hog everybody said it.
It’s okay you’re young, you’ll learn when you grow older :slight_smile:

You’ll be back before you know it, and stronger than ever. IF you do it right.
But it’s damn good that you’re back in the gym.


you’re my idol hog!!! says fuck it and maxes out lol.

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Hog, you are different !

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says this after hitting a ton of PRs on multiple lift variations :slightly_smiling_face: being sick takes a lot out of you Hog. Trust me.


Fkn send it, hog


Let’s talk about tomorrow.

Are you going to do a max for upper body? Do you plan to test comp bench and use that number for your DE work going forward? Are you gonna stress about it all day/night? If you miss will you doubt your program?

Or will you just make up some fun press you’ve never tried and hit a guaranteed, no-stress, psycologically rewarding PR?