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Losthog- 2019 Redefining Me

Gotta refill the glycogen stores somehow. :joy:

I’ll be locked up tomorrow for sure


Glad you are better, now time to kill it

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Happy birthday to your son!!!

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Weight: 270.4

Still feel like shit. Been through a shot and z pack. No fever just tired no energy nagging cough, stuffy head, I am getting good sleep. My digestive system is messed up. Lots of diarrhea and not processing fats. I’m eating yogurt. I may add some fiber and pickles and sauerkraut to diversify the gut biome.

Training won’t start today. Friday at the earliest


I feel much better this evening! I did some form work at the field house benches. May do some shoulders and ab work tonight at home


It’s near midnight. I’m wide awake and feeling like I need to brun off some steam. I’d say I’m ready to get back in the gym. Where did all this energy come from. I’m trying to wait until I’m not blowing juice out my back side (which would mean my body is processing food again). It’s getting close. Tomorrow will be 1 week of nothing. This is what a deload feels like. I’m super tight all over.

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Give it at least a couple of days rest after a whole week with the squirts, your body will have been raped by having no nutrients.


That in and of itself would give me diareaha!!!


Yeah I’m gonna ride this out. Monday looks like the first day back for me.

We are gonna head to the in-laws this weekend and stay a few days. Then Monday hopefully I will feel :100:.

I’m much improved but this morning I feel like I’ve been hit with a sledge hammer between the eyes. Not all better yet.


Jesus Hog, that is/was a heck of a beating you’ve gotten in to.
I hope you’re back to your true self monday.
Have fun with the in laws.


03-15-19 Recovery from sick going well

Energy levels are improving I did some dips on a walker and standing push-ups, then set up a chair and did some bulgarian split squats.

I’m gonna day I’m ready for the gym. I’m ready to tear the room apart most days now.

Currently at the in-laws for the weekend and will be home Sunday.

Monday is ME Lower day and will be my first day back.


I played some golf with my sons yesterday and had a blast. We played 18-20 holes of yard golf. Got a ton of sunshine and today I can tell we walked a ton yesterday. Gym time is coming and I’m ready!


@lava2007 @JMaier31 @mortdk can I get an overview of the sgss plan again.

I still have the spreadsheet of the program but not sure I understand the concept

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It’s a very basic double progression.

Pick four main exercises for lower body plus a loaded carry. Pick four main exercises for upper body plus an accessory/assistance movement (this can change every week or phase if you like).

There are four phases and each is three weeks long.

Phase 1 (weeks 1-3): sets of 8
Phase 2 (weeks 4-6): sets of 5
Phase 3 (weeks 7-9): sets of 3
Phase 4 (weeks 10-12: pyramid of 5/4/3/2/1 reps

It’s a four day per week routine and you do each upper and lower workout twice. On day one you do three sets. On day two you do five sets. Add weight the following week and start again at three sets.

Example of Phase 1 starting with 225 lbs for the lift:

Week 1, Day 1: 3 x 8 @ 225
Week 1, Day 2: 5 x 8 @ 225
Week 2, Day 1: 3 x 8 @ 235
Week 2, Day 2: 5 x 8 @ 235
Week 3, Day 1: 3 x 8 @ 245
Week 3, Day 2: 5 x 8 @ 245

Phase 2:

Week 4, Day 1: 3 x 5 @ 265
Week 4, Day 2: 5 x 5 @ 265

And so on.

I doubled my weight increase from one phase to the next. So if I was going up by 10 lbs each week on bench then I jumped by 20 lbs for the next phase because the reps decrease.

Clear as mud?


It’s clear!

How do you determine the weights for the last week? Is that a current max? A training max? A projected new max?

put this in a google search

simple guaranteed strength and size

I think the first hit would be a thibarmy page of that program.
We can’t link it here.

@JMaier31 beat me to it, very clear layout.

Lower body 2 squat movements and 2 hinge movement
lower body 2 press vertical and horizontal press + 2 pull movements again vertical and horizontal.

  • the assistance J said.

If you read the program it says that the first week of the 54321 reps the set with 3 reps should be the weight you used for the last week on the 3s phase.
If I would run it again, I think I would put my 1RM as the weight on the second week of the 54321 week and just calculate backwards.
But google the original program CT puts up some percentage based guidelines.

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Thx for that it was right on point.

You wanna be my coach @FlatsFarmer?

Wanna program for me? I’d give it a 12 week run

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@MarkKO did the last 9 days qualify as a deload?