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Losthog- 2019 Redefining Me

Weight: 271.6.

Didn’t eat much yesterday. I seem to be dehydrated. I feel better today. My head doesn’t feel like it will explode. I still have no energy. I may just hold off until Wednesday or Friday to try and comeback to let the body get healthy and primed for another training cycle.

My arm got tired and muscles burned from shaving this morning. I think lifting weights is out of the question for now.

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My body is not processing food well. I can eat and about 30min later I’m bloated to hell and puking all over the place…

Ugh. That’s the worst. Feel better, man. If I were you I’d probably avoid food. Not a fan of puking. If I must puke then I’d prefer it be fluids.

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It’s advanced core work and dieting. I’m dropping pounds and getting a great core workout.


It’s crazy how it spreads through schools hey. A school I taught at a few years ago nearly closed, 220 of the 400 kids were off and 10 of the 16 teachers had gastro too. Some classes only had 6 kids, haha

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I usually work through ring sick. I’ve already call in for tomorrow to get another day off. This is the most pulled down I’ve been in a long time. At least 3 years. I went back in my older training log to see if I was sick last year. Nope.

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Damn Hog, you get better soon. The iron is waiting.

Lucky you. I’m on the verge of my fifth round since the start of November. This damn virus just comes and goes. It’s like it lies dormant instead of going away.


Not cool man. My son said exactly what you are saying. He said he gets better then it’s back for a week.

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Lots of people have said that over this past year, seems to be a common thing. Did you guys get the flu jab? A heap of people at work who got the jab ended up really sick this past year

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Yeah, I got the shot recently. My first round was pre-flu shot. This last round started right after the flu shot. I blame the shot.


I don’t get the flu shot. I always end up getting the flu and am down for weeks after the shot.



Weight: 270.1 no idea how I held on to this much weight. But I was 276 before this started so I dumped 6lbs in 3 days.

Feeling much improved! Took the day off just to heal and so glad I did! I felt great this morning but ran out of gas fast. On the mend, turned the corner, getting closer to gym time, hell yeah.

Today is my son’s birthday so we will go out to eat tonight. I took my last antibiotic pill today. I’ll hit the yogurt until I exhaust the container to put some good gut flora back. Greek yogurt, pineapple chunks, and walnuts are calorie dense and easy to digest. Later I will enjoy a huge steak.

I figure most of the weight loss is just glycogen depletion so I expect a bounce back in weight once I begin regular eating.

Thinking Friday or Sunday will be my first day back in the gym. May just do some walking and light stuff at home to get some blood flowing again!


Glad to hear that you’re on the mend!

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Happy birthday Hog son :slight_smile:
Hope you’re back to lifting soon.

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Thx @mortdk

It’s amazing how much of a relief it is just getting back to feeling normal, after having a crud like that. Have fun with the birthday dinner.

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Man flu is tough … the woman never understand lol . Happy birthday mate have a good one


Full as a tick.

Had a ceaser salad, roll, 25oz porterhouse, and baked potato.

We stopped at a specialty doughnut shop and I ate three huge doughnuts with 20oz of milk.

Bedtime soon!


Good grief, that’s a lot of food even for someone who has been starving lately.