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Losthog- 2019 Redefining Me

Yeah it will be fine. I played a lot of tennis. Tournament tennis after high school. So I can help them.



Positive news:

Weigh-in today: 271.8. Under 272. Hell yeah.

Probably waterloss from my shot. But I’ll take it.


From what I remember about high school tennis players, they aren’t the type to seek out the weight room on their own.

Football players know the weight room is necessary for their success so they find it on their own.

You might get to expose the awesome world of weight lifting to kids who otherwise wouldn’t get that. It’s going to be a good thing.


Good stuff Hog! I’ve taught specialist subjects before and wasn’t keen on it Although if it’s an area of interest it would be a different story.
Our PE teacher teaches the whole lot of PE, plus the whole lot of Science, tiny school though, only 6 classes. I love it how you say to push the kids, they need it! Some of mine are so happy just to cruise through the year doing stuff all, but they’re just lazy

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They hate it while it is going on. Many of them come back and say they miss my class or it helped them do x,y,z. So it works. They buck and try to not do it but I’m here to teach them to grow up, be responsible, and think. If that is all they get from me I could care less if they remember any of the science stuff :joy:

One of my physics kids got turned onto physics and I fed him everything I could find. He majored in physics in college. He called me after his first year and said that he didn’t have to study his first year of honors physics at a very good school because my class was harder. :joy::joy::joy:


Remind me never to take your physics classes.


03-07-2019. ME Upper make up day

Warmup: band stuff

1rm wide Swiss bar 1 handles:
265x1 (had more but stayed here)

Down sets: @70%
185x5 x3 sets

Incline close grip bench:
135x10 x4 sets last set challenging to finish

V handle lat pulls:
50x25 (just feeling different mind to muscle connections to see where I wanted to groove it)

70x20 (get to work son!)
90x20 middle back
90x12 on fire

Tricep push downs with rope on cable:
20x15 x4 sets

Band over head extensions: black band

DB side, front, up, down, side (out and up)

Band standing crunch: big blue band
125 reps

Time: 77 min. (Hell yeah)
Session: 26k (great workout and in the time slot)

Went in late and got a solid day of work in after skipping yesterday. Glad we went in! I’m tired so goodnight :sleeping: :zzz:


Rest well mate

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Sleep tight buddy :slight_smile:

Didn’t get much sleep last night again. My head filled up with junk. I did go to work today and survived. I am now home resting. No workout for me tonight. The head is full of crap. My stomach is full of crap. My body feels like crap. I’m guessing the z-pack I started did a kill off of bacteria in the body and all of the lovely little dead bodies are releasing their poisons into my system. Now I get to recover…:joy:

I’m bloated like a cow. Not hungry and have barely eaten today. I’m slamming water. Puked a bunch of mucous up after I got home from work. Being sick is great.


Sorry to hear you’re sick hog. Rest up mate and you’ll be back to it soon.

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Dang, that sucks. I’m getting sick again. Apparently I have a new cycle of getting sick, recovering for about 10-14 days and then getting sick again. It’s all viral so I just get to suffer.

I’m in the early stages of it again. Nyquil is great for bedtime.

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Get better Hog, being sick sucks balls. I’ve had a slight lurgy all week too,I bet it’s those damn germ factories we are around all day

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Sorry to hear you’re sick :confused: get better soon man.

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Get better soon Hog

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Thanks to all I’m trying to get better. I went to the doctor and I have fallen to pieces. Massive head congestion and not it’s moving to my chest. If i hadn’t gone to the doctor I might be dead by now…:flushed::crazy_face::joy:


last two sessions were great Lost

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Feel better! Lots of crap going around! One of my daughters missed the entire week of school this past week…FLU. Then, she got a nasty ear infection after that. 104 fever with Ibuprofen in system. We were freaking out.

I just dont remember it being like this 20+ years ago.


I don’t either. Seems like the sickness is nastier and more common. Almost every year we almost close school for the number of kids out.

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