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Losthog- 2019 Redefining Me

Naaaa it’s not an anabolic steroid. So I’m still good for natty. But if I do hop on the gains train it would be epic.

Do you ever feel a bit shit… then it sounds like you need some self administered TRT.


i feel physically tired/trash every day. i never feel energised etc. time for roids lol

Pre much

i wouldnt say i actually have low t though, my sex drive is very very high lmao. i think its because i dont sleep deeply or something

I can’t sleep…:cry:. I’m guessing the shot I got is keeping me awake. Good greif can I please string together two or three good nights of sleep?

have you tried cbd oil etc

I drank a cup of sleeptime tea…it usually knocks me out.

I do use cbd oil occasionally but it’s not for sleep that I’m aware of. It’s good for inflammation and cortisol levels.

I do have a lot going on with my job currently that is just a drain on the brain. (Mostly self inflicted as I look for a different job).

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hope you find something better man

Thx duke. I’ve got a good job. I would like to move to a town closer to my mom. And put my wife in a better house for the after kids all leaving party. But it doesn’t look to be in the cards. So I’ll snuggle back into my rut and make progress. I’m finally coming to grips with its best for my family to stay at least 1 more year where I am at and probably 3-5 more.

We are on the verge of being debut free. I would have to take a 7-10% pay cut to move and the job I interviewed for called today saying they were going with someone else. Which is an answered prayer. I asked to not be offered the job if it was not good for my family.

I’ve been moved from football to tennis. And I’m really pissed about it. Instead of making the best and realizing they increased the tennis contract to near match my current salary (it was not like that before they moved the pay for tennis up to keep me happy). I’m pissed and ready to go somewhere else.

I’ll work less hours and make the same money but I’m pissed.

I was getting some traction with the players in training and they were making progress in the weight room. It caught the whole coaching staff off guard. I got moved first. They ended up moving 2 other guys out and one of them just got cut out and not offered anything else. So I should be thankful.

I’m not I’m pissed


Count me in I deff need this

I know a guy. I’ll hook you up

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Do you have a teaching component at all Hog? Or full time with the tennis?

Or, you could just make the most jacked, fastest tennis players ever seen in HS.

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Oh yeah. I teach science (physics and chemistry).

I will lose my athletic period so I will gain another class to teach. I’m a teacher first and my kids test score go up 10-20 points after going through my class. My classes are brutal for the kids. When they survive my class they feel like they can do anything. I have kids take the advanced placement class to avoid taking my class :joy::joy::joy:. I teach the regular kids and most of the special needs kids.

I teach the best kids in the world. The job I applied for was a teaching only job without coaching.


I bet your one of those teachers the students remember well into adulthood. My government and economics teacher was like that. His class was hard as hell and he expected a lot out of us, but we knew he cared about us and loved it. Good on you man. Your making a difference in young people’s lives and that’s what matters at the end of the day!


You’re amazing hog!!

You now have the opportunity to expose those kids to fitness. They may not have that opportunity anywhere else, Hog. Tennis is not easy. Give yourself to them and they’ll follow your lead.

Strength training reduces so injuries. Stronger players can plant harder and change directions faster. It will add power to their shots. You can make a big difference for those kids.

I know it’s high school tennis and most probably won’t take it too seriously, but you still have an opportunity. You might teach one kid how to eat right and change the course of their life. You might help a kid imlr just enough to pursue college tennis.

It might not seem near as cool as football but you still have a chance to help some kids - and that’s what it’s all about, right?


You made some of the other coaches uncomfortable and got bumped out? I guess the Politics around high school football never end?

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Probably. These guys didn’t like it that a coach was actually doing his job and pushing the kids.

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