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Losthog—2018 First year


Today I’ve done a ton of band stuff for shoulder mobility, stretch, and rotation. Light band just working the shoulder and making it work.

I’m gonna treat this like my hamstring and hit it with daily volume light weight progressing the weight slowly until I press again. It does feel better today.


Hope your shoulder recovers fast gainshog!!


It worked for your hamstring, can’t see why it shouldn’t work here.
Pay attention though, if it’s something other than torn muscles.


Sorry to hear about the shoulder issues. It looks like you know what you’re doing regarding the rehab though, you’ll be back before you know it


Did some more band work for the shoulder and light DB incline pressing, 65lb BB press (nope), pull ups, KB rows… nothing major. Just moving the shoulder

The issue shows up when the arm is bent (hand by the ear) and rotation in a anterior/ posterior. Mostly bringing the shoulder down and rotation to the front.

Just feels tight and slight pain during that movement


Sounds like too much time on the phone


Do what I do and try to self diagnose!


I support this 100%. One of the strongest guys I know does this. He picks 5-8 exercises and does 3 sets of each at a weight that gets him to roughly 2-3 reps in reserve (RPE 7-8, AKA the money zone).

He starts with sets of 15. His bench max right now is probably around 365, and he was doing 225 on his first day back which comes out to about 62%. He then goes to 12s, 10s, 8s, 5s, and 3s. If he feels like it, he goes for a new max if he’s really feeling it one day. It’s basically an extended SGSS, which is a beautifully simple program.

It’s time to just get back to the basics. Barbell squats of any kind are my favorite lifts, but I’m sticking with split squats and goblet squats–both things that any chump who walks in the gym can do on his first day ever working out. I’m trying to make resistance band exercises & planks a big part of my training–things that old women in yoga classes do on a regular basis.

You stated in my log that I should do yoga even though it isn’t viewed as manly in the U.S., and for the record, I completely agree. Now I’m here to return the favor. We all need to do more of the basics–realign our hips, strengthen our cores, get more flexible, and be more balanced. None of that stuff is glorious or worth bragging about, but we HAVE to do it. We aren’t here to impress anyone but ourselves (and maybe the rest of our little T-Nation gang), so there’s really no reason to rush anything or try to push ourselves until we completely run out of gas.

As always, Maier is dropping gems:

This, and get back to the basics. Band pull-aparts, more core work, more flexibility work.

As for writing your own program, start light please so you don’t hurt yourself more. If it doesn’t get better soon from doing a little self-administered rehab, definitely go see a doc for it.


sucks about the shoulder issues man. hope you fix it soon.

maybe take your mind off of it with some more squatting (safely of course). that’s what I liked to do. i’d kind of imagine that high rep (moderately heavy) squatting was medicine. lol.



Look up Bill Starr’s Rehab Protocol and get rehabbing! Good luck.


You should do my routine lol. I’m curious if it would work as well for other people as it has for me


After reading what Lava wrote this is the first thing that came to my mind. I was thinking I could do what Spock does… seriously funny


Shoulder is improving every day. Thanks for the real thoughts and solid advice.

When I come back I plan to work back very light with higher reps. I like the idea of progressing from higher rep light weight to lower rep heavier weight then restarting the block at a heavier load.

I also like the idea of variation training like the Darkhorse and westside.

I do need to keep conditioning in my programming. After the Darkhorse each program I ran increased rest times and did less work really crushed where I was in conditioning. And we all know how fun restoring conditioning is.

Can’t do it all. I’m putting it together slowly. Right now I’m taking a break for anything and it’s going well my body is getting tight.


Lmao right!!!

Have you considered just doing crossfit-style workouts? Like a darkhorse circuit, but maybe 2-3x longer? Like 5-8 exercises all in a row of 8-15 reps each just to get the heart rate up. That could work wonders on your body composition. If and when I decide I value aesthetics over strength, I’m going to do something like that. It’d be cool to look like a guy from the movie 300. I already have the chest hair, now I just need the abs and loincloth.


You really should have a look at 4Horsemen Hog.
Or wait until I’m done writing the god damn best ever powerlifting routine.
I’ll give it to you for free :slight_smile:


Did band work again today for the shoulders. Pull aparts, dislocations, face pulls, overhead straight arm pull downs. External and internal rotations, single arm rows

I did start some bar work. 25 reps 3 sets. I’ve got some sort of “pull” or tightness in the back of the shoulder. All good. Last set was with 2.5 lb plates. Gonna do this daily for a week or two progressing the weight very slowly.

I’m not sure this will work like the start protocol I did for the hammy. Because that was clearly a muscle belly repair. This is in a joint. If it is a muscle issue this will help if a lig or tendon it will make it worse…


Shoulder is beginning to feel fresh. Did some seatbelt on seatbelt off movements with the bands and it hits good. Decided to not do the bar work today.

Generally I’m still not feeling the get back and rip the iron apart. I may give it another week of off or super light work to spark the desire.

Could be the lack of sleep due to a marriage seminar my wife and I have enjoyed this week.

Still doing daily band work.




More of the same band work for the shoulder. Did some light bar work with incline x25, flat x25 and some dumbbells 15s x20.

The issue is low off the chest. It is moving around. The feeling was in the back of the shoulder now it is in the front outside.

I really feel it when I try to do a push up. Holy hell a push up sucks.

I’m guessing a labrum issue. Rehab protocol is 4-6 weeks rehab and then 4-6 weeks light lifting before pushing training again. So 12 weeks of lighter rehab work is better than surgery if I f it up badly. Nice trade off really. And I get to learn a bunch in the process. 12 week diet? To cut some BF… something I’ve been needing to do anyway.


12 week big wheels program?