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Losthog—2018 First year


Found out after this set that I read the wrong week of the program and loaded next weeks weights :man_facepalming::crazy_face::joy:


you sure you didn’t load weights of both weeks?


Lol, oops. Nice work man. Looks like a killer program.



Warmup: band stuff



230x2x2 (damn a lot of pressing)

Floor press: (supposed to be slingshot I don’t have)
SS with BB row


Cross body hammer curls

Banded tri extensions
5x20 green band

Leg raise hip thrust on a bench
X20 (got a killer lower ab cramp had to stop short…)

Empty gym tonight now young guns to assist and this was a mindset get it done. I miss my gym buddies when they are gone…


I admire the Sikhs. I’ll do some Kundalini yoga tonight, cheers


I am crying :’( stuff like that is super expensive here.


Man thats exactly how I got my Rogue deadlift bar. Waited on it to be in stock in the boneyard. cant beat that deal 200 bucks is dirt cheap for what you get.


My new bar came in today…Rouge boneyard Ohio Deadlift bar. It’s awesome. I may just have a boneyard collection. This bar if it has blemishes I can’t find it…


Is boneyard just discounted rogue stuff?


Yep and it is supposed to be blomished goods. I finally found the blemish. It is a slight buff problem on the smooth of the bar. Barely noticeable.


11/29/18– Squats

Warmup stuff

315x1 (maybe the best rep of 315 ever)
340x3 (1st rep was money down hill from there)
340x4 (this set was terrible)

275x2x3 (squats were all over the place with form and tightness shut it down due to lack of ability to hold a good form.)

Really questioning the ability to finish this program. 5 days a week with my schedule and workout times is not shuckin and jivin. Time to shit this down and do something more doable with my lifestyle.


Look at Jims 531 BBB Beefcake search it and it pops up in his open forum. You will be a beast with this.
@isdatnutty has it written out as well in his log.


11/30/18– Deadlift with the new bar…


Lat pull down:


Felt terrible. I’ve had a few bad workouts back to back. I’m taking some time out of the gym for a bit to get the drive back…c you guys soon.


If you’re thinking of taking an extended break put everything on maintenance! 2-3 working sets for 1-2 exercises per bodypart. In and out quick


With the Hog an extended break is probably about 1 day.
Find a piece of paper Hog, write down what you like to do, high rep, low rep, high volume, low volume, few exercises, a lot, full body, split.
Then write something for yourself and go with it for a couple of month or years for that matter.


This is really a solid idea.

Me getting sick (still not 100%), bounching programs (never done that before), hitting the end of noob gains (goodbye easy gains), not having a clear focus or goal, weighing much more than I want to weigh. It is time to sit down and evaluate where I’m at and what the future looks like for training. Thanks @mortdk. This is exactly what is needed.

I did do some shoulder mobility work last night with bands and DBs at the house.

Another part of all this I’m hating to admit is I got hurt the other day on the bench. Something popped in my right shoulder during floor presses. It was more than a tweak. I tried to bench 75lbs and it feels terrible. The issue (I dont want to call it pain) is in the back of the shoulder tough to pin point. Seems deep in the shoulder, sub scapular. There I admitted it. Maybe now I can move on.


Ok confession time. Last Bench day (Monday) I was having a terrible bench session but not wanting to be a pud I got the reps programmed. Then went to floor press. I decided on 185 nothing too light but heavy enough to be a challenge. First few sets were fine. The unrack was a little high and I had to put my shoulder is a extended position to unrack the bar. I was struggling to find a groove and tired from the previous pressing. I actually thought of lowering the weight and the unrack position but was just wanting to get it done . On the 4th of 5 sets and the 3rd rep there was a knarly pop grinding feeling in my right shoulder. I finished the rep. I thought hmm. Is it ok? Let’s see. Got the 4th rep and it sucked bad went ahead and got the fifth rep. Holy mother of all things good that first feel good at all. Questioned if I should finish or not…dropped the weight to 135 and got the last set and it felt like dog shit. Finished the workout.

Sitting here today there is a tightness and mild pain (if this is what pin feels like, I don’t feel a lot of pain I guess). I’m working out how to proceed. Bench is the only of my goals I haven’t accomplished when I started this lifting journey. 315 seems forever out of reach…I’ll do some mobility work and try to rehab this so I can finish my goals, but it has really taken some of the steam out of the gains train.

Moving on


Great idea!

@losthog, do this. Write down your favorite exercises. Write down your goals in order of priority. Pick your favorite exercises and program them in a way that meets your goal.

Use me as an example. My goals right now are to improve conditioning, get leaner, build up my shoulders, and increase my deadlift. Deadlift is last so it’s about to get the axe. I keep focusing on those top three goals so I program circuits that have a shoulder emphasis. I often don’t do bench or even push ups because I choose to do a shoulder exercise instead.

Make your list and you can build your own program pretty easily. Pick assistance exercises to balance your favorites (a pull for a push, etc).

The last factor of this is to pick things you should do. You probably have the urge to bench but it might be better to give that shoulder a rest. Look at your list of favorite exercises and select that ones that fit with your needs, not necessarily your wants. Some will fit both; some won’t.

You said you’re finishing 2018 with whatever the hell you want to do. You might as well really do that by building your own program. It’s fun and you learn from it. You might learn that you suck at programming or you could turn out to be an evil genius.


good luck with recovery from your benching issue. benching isn’t that cool anyway, as long as you can DL and squat you have something.


I’m really sorry to hear about your shoulder.

I think @mortdk and @JMaier31 are onto something. It’ll probably be an excellent learning experience writing your own program.