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Losthog—2018 First year


I could’ve told you that!! you’re an absolute beast, man


I’ve realized that if I keep lifting (uh, not like now) I will just age into elite lifting status at 80.

It sounds fucked up, but really, this aging thing is a marathon and not a sprint.

My mom told me a joke many years ago. A young bull comes up to an old bull and says, “Hey, lets run down the hill and fuck one of those cows.”

The old bull says, “Let’s walk and fuck them all.”

She then explained the moral - age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm.

Work smarter, not harder.


Awesome progress man. Inspirational!


You are so strong Hog. Go set some state records this year and blow them away next time.
Hope you’ll get over the flu quickly.


11/19/2018– Return from the flu. Begins Deathbench!

Warmup band stuff. I was so damn tight and weak…didn’t see today going good.


220x3 (80%)

225x3 (81%)
225x3 (first rep had an outer body experience don’t know how the 1st rep got up)

230x2 (82-83%) (easy af)

This program has zero back work in it so I added it here.

SS: BB row x5/ Pin press x5

225/155 ( should have maybe made the pin press more challenging but this was good work)

Skull crushers (kept these super light)

Cross body hammer curls (just putting the icing on)

SS: Kneeling tri extensions/ hanging leg raise

60x20/10 x5

Nice day. I kept the accessories light just to dial in the weights a bit. I’ll rotate the accessories week to week to keep it fresh and hit weaknesses but light to just do some grow signaling instead of crushing the cns. This program is press 2 days/ squat 2 days/ dL 1 day.

Yes I’m moving to a 5 day a week program. Which is another reason I kept the accessories light. No need to dig deep this early in the program until I see how recovery will go. Should be a challenge to finish. I’ll do the first 5 weeks, deload, and max for the virtual meet then finish the final 5 weeks. Keeping the current lift levels throughout the program.


Maybe it’s called Deathbench because they want to kill you with ungodly amounts of shoulder internal rotation.

Solid work though man. What’s the program layout look like? i.e are you going to be working higher than 82-83%?


Yeah it jumps up week to week in a linear fashion. If you dm me on instagram I’ll send you the link to it or a copy of the spreadsheet.

I’ll finish the program hitting today’s work with 250,255,260.


One thing that also should be accounted for is individual moment arms at joints will differ greatly depending on the length of your bones. For instance if your femur is 4 inches longer than someone else your quads have to produce a much larger moment in the hole than someone with femurs 4 inches shorter. When your quad is parallel to the ground that extra 4 inches is not accounted for in the total vertical travel.


Good point indeed. For two people of differing height with the same bodily proportions, the taller dude still does more work. Why can’t I be 5’3”?


Wont argue there as that is true, just pointing out theres a little more involved than just vertical displacement. (Basically saying being taller makes it even harder than just work done from top to bottom)


the strongest in the world are tall…


And double my weight.


Thickness cancels out tallness. Strongest in the world are Big.


well i better hop on the waiting list for clavicle lengthening :joy:


Wanna get strong you gotta get thick.


Forget the clavicles, get on that hip widening surgery. Big butt for strength!

Also, more hips, more bounce otta the hole when you squat.


They’re also 400 pounds! They’re giants. If they were tall and lanky, they would not be the strongest men in the world. Of course, excepting Cailer Woolam.


Wouldn’t they also not be the strongest men in the world if they were short and lanky?


@T3hPwnisher we’re short. You’re pulling 750 (forgive me if I got your PR wrong). I’m lucky if I get 420. We (used to) weigh the same. Lanky or not, you’re a whole lot stronger than me, because you’ve been putting consistent effort into getting stronger for longer than I’ve been alive. It’s all about the tensile force your muscles can produce, and when you’re advanced, you tap into more of your neural fibers to produce this force. For example, when I was only deadlifting 285 x 5 I could do 225 in my sleep. Now, 315 is comparatively harder than 225 was every time I Deadlift, even though I know I can get 10 or more reps with 315. What I’m trying to say is that past a certain point, even though the weights feel comparatively heavier than they used to, you can generally crank out more reps with this “heavier” weight. So l do think that the best strongmen can be lanky, especially if they’re world-class PLers who have been strength training for a long time or if they’re just naturally gifted with strength.


You’re off 100lbs on my PR, haha. 650 is the most I’ve ever managed. However, you have to keep in mind that, though we weighed the same, body composition was vastly different. Ability to produce force is a part of it, yes, but I also had significantly more muscle mass at 190lbs and 5’9 than you did.

You have to keep in mind that strongman is more than just standing in one spot and moving a weight statically like powerlifting. Being lanky on a yoke walk is a bad scene. The same is true for trying to use leg drive on overhead work. A thin base makes it harder to transfer force.

EDIT: Can’t believe I forgot truck pulls. Trying to do that while lanky SUCKS, haha.

In general, when you take two individuals, the one with the most muscle mass is going to be the strongest. In turn, if you take two individuals, the one that is taller has the potential to have more muscle mass, just because they have a frame that can support it.

Certain individuals like that Woolum dude may have the absolute most perfect body construction to maximize leverages in one or two very specific lifts, but when it comes to more “all around” strength, it starts to waver.