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Losthog—2018 First year


Please elaborate? I think I understand what you’re saying, but I’m not entirely sure I do. Thanks.


Easier said than done but I understand. It’s tough to hang around here and see so and so do _____ without thinking, “Man, I wish I could (or should be able to) do that.”

You’ve seen enough of my posts to know that my goals might change daily :joy:
For what it’s worth the current goal is to shed this fluff and get back to being lean. A 600 lb deadlift is also on the table but I’d settle for a 5 lb improvement (550) this year.

You’re talking about bodyweight ratios. Those of us that are tall (I have no idea how tall you are so you could be in the same boat as me) suck at those. A 2x bodyweight lift for me right now is 480 lbs. A 2.5x BW lift would be 600 lbs.

In some cases more weight/mass leads to heavier weights lifted but when you’re tall, the weight is just spread out more. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have more muscle (well, we probably do but we also have disadvantageous leverages and longer muscles).

There’s a guy around here by the name of Reed. He’s almost a full foot shorter than me but at one point we both weighed about 225 lbs. He’s a monster and looks the part. I just look lean and athletic at that weight----not even muscular.

I’m not saying that being tall means I can’t move big weights. It just leads me to shy away from bodyweight ratio comparisons.


This is a fair point, and you’re also moving the bar further than I am. See, I’m short, so I’m built for this, haha.


Maybe someday I’ll go to a lab and play around. I think it’d be fun to measure how much force I can produce and compare it to other people of different heights and strengths.

Is my 315 squat comparable to a 405 squat for a guy who’s 5’8"? I don’t knon but it’d be cool to find out.

On the plus side I’m doing pretty good at deadlifts. My body sucks at squatting but it makes up for it in pulling.


I think my log has been hijacked. :joy:. Great discussions guys. Really considering taking today off to let this sickness get done. I feel much better than Tue and Wed. Yesterday I came home from work and took a 3 hour nap got up to force myself to eat and then sleep for 8 hours. I got a lot of rest the last three days and I still don’t feel right.


Yeah, here especially it’s tough. Can’t second this enough, ha!


You don’t need a lab.

  • F = MA.
  • W = F * Distance Parallel.

Plug in your mass, the acceleration of gravity (-9.8 m/s^2), and your height. If work is equivalent in both scenarios, so is your comparison.

Note: this is assuming they both squat to parallel, in which case a ratio needs to be found for how far both the 5’8” and the 6’4” dude are moving.


I don’t think it’s that simple. How do you determine the mass? You can’t use my body weight because I’m not moving all of my body weight during a squat. I wouldn’t know how to determine how much of my body weight was being moved.

I was thinking of being able to stand on a force plate while doing a movement. It would measure how much force is applied to it.


I think it’s fair to say that you COULD assume that both persons’ Body Mass moves for the purposes of this experiment. It would eliminate a variable.

This is also a good idea.


What a fun little experiment and math game.

If you use f=ma, with mass as weight on the bar and a as acceleration due to gravity, you’ll get the minimumm force needed to lift the barbell against gravity. So both dudes need to produce at least the same minimum force to lift a barbell that weighs the same.

W=f×d shows the taller guy does more work. Same force, over longer displacement. It takes the taller guy longer to finish the lift because he’s got farther to go.

If the taller guy wants to finish the lift in the same time as the shorter guy, he has to go faster. To do the same work, in the same amount of time as the short guys squat, the taller guy has to use more force. Rather than minimum force to overcome gravity, he has to blast into it. Pushing harder to go faster, to do more work in the same time.


Hence why my 365 squat would be something totally different for him.


Is reckless idiot a neurotype? If so, that’s the one I am.


This is what I meant. So, I have a 10% advantage due to height, assuming we both squat directly to parallel and use the absolute minimum force required to reverse the barbell.


I’ll take your word for it :laughing:

Nice work.


He’s taller, so he has a longer eccentric or negative or lowering portion of the lift to gather kinetic energy and gather it to use to during the reversal. So he’ll bounce and coast more, doing less work.


This is why a force plate would be best… LOL


Force plate to measure! Of course.

I think we just re-created the study to develop Prinellipin’s chart.


Holy shit @losthog you’ve made some killer progress this year in all your lifts. Good job! (Thought I’d come in here and spread the love since you’re basically the only person that looks at my log anymore lol)


A fair point indeed. That could be a guideline for paused or dead-stop squats, then. I don’t think there’s any guideline to include the eccentric portion of the lift. Also, doesn’t everyone get the same rebound out of the bottom of the squat proportional to their height?


So, I took today off from lifting. I’ve got strain A flu. I hit some awesome Dead with the flu and could have done today if I wanted to push it. Instead I’ll focus recovery over the weekend and have all next week off.

I think I will join that small powerlifting gym for the gym culture more than the amenities. But having access to competition benches and bars is nice but I will miss some of the other stuff at the gym I have been at. I’ll still have access to it if I miss it too much, but who knows where this will end up.

Found out I can set some state records for my age and weight class with my current totals :joy::joy::joy:. I may just do the meet so I can get my name in the recorded books. :joy: