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Losthog—2018 First year


I’d say your right. I think I’m a 1A or 1B. Haven’t dialed in yet. I think I’m 1A I tend to do better grinding out heavy lifts and I’m not super explosive.


10/14/18— Off program deadlift day

We tried out a new gym tonight and had a blast!
And we ditched the Pollack program high rep hurt me stuff.

Warm-up lunges, body squats, some lat pulldowns.

455x3 ( ahhh so much better hitting triples instead of 10 reps, I had a heavier triple in me but held it here because I’ve been sick)

315x5x3 down sets

THandle chest supported row

Hamstring curls
50(+band) x20

GHR (on a real glute ham machine!)
X5 partials working the negative
X5 same

Reverse hypers (on a machine!)
X45s x1. Nope too heavy
X25s x15
X25sx15 (so nice loving this machine)

Preacher curls

Cross body hammer curls

Ab crunches on GHR big stretch

Had a blast at the new gym. Switching to a 531 style programming through to Jan! Done throwing good money away…

First time ever using a deadlift bar. Fucking A. My max is going up bigtime. Grip may never be an issue again. The slick bar we have been using has helped with grip.


Doggone. Well done!

Ain’t it, though?!

Given your enthusiasm for the deadlift workout, I think you made the right choice.


Damn!!! Awesome stuff man 455x3 is no joke!


It can be confusing. One things for sure, you’re a beast gainshog!


I have no clue to neurotypes Hog.
I’ve just read about that there are different ones.
You’re the Special One :slight_smile:
can’t go wrong with 531 Hog, if that’s the decision :slight_smile:

You could do it the powerlifting way 351 where you only do the prescribed reps on the 5 rep week and push the other 2 weeks. Like a repPR set on the 3’s week and go for a heavy single joker on the 1 weeks.

BUT go to Brians channel again look at the 4Horsemen program.
Build up to a heavy single back just a bit of and do a pyramid down amrap.
Then assistance. In my opinion you can do assistance the way you like it, he plans it the way he does because he hates assistance. Oh and have a look at his squat and bench finisher videos.
4H a bit Like DH different intensities for each lift every week… one lift is “brutal” every week in a four week cycle.
you would love it, do 4 or 8 weeks, deload one week, start over.


awesome, but why can’t i?


Thanks all for the comments. I ran the program until I had to pay again it was a good learning experience. I learned I don’t like that style of training. :joy:. Feels much more natural to be handling 3s and cutting the rest down from 2-4 min like in pollacks plan to 90 sec or less.

I like to move more faster. Even if it means reloading sooner. I’ll take my reps heavy and spread out the amount over multiple sets thanks!


No kidding…


Just to stir the pot- Type 1b’s do better with shorter rest intervals compared to 1a. :smirk:


I’ve never done a triple this heavy but I’ve never really tried with the Deadlift bar. I must admit I’m worried that you’re going to pass me and then I won’t have anything on you. I get to max out in about nine weeks as long as I don’t get hurt…again.

I think I’m a type 1c. I have qualities from 1b and 2a. It’s close to a 50/50 split so I created a new type for myself.




Hahaha. Laughing at the new type. I weigh 270 I hope I would be able to lift more than you. Dude I can’t even bench what you can and I’m 40lbs heavier. You are an amazing lifter and your ability to stay athletic is even more impressive. I hope you don’t start worrying about me respecting your abilities cause you da man that helped drive my next on the list to lift heavier than. I’ve got others in my sights…:smiling_imp:


I’ll race you to a 2.5x BW DL. Apparently, I’m somewhere near a 2.46x BW DL (just shy of 200kg).


Make it 3x and I’m in


Sure thing. 3x BW @ 200 lb. is definitely a pretty elite goal.


You’re forgetting about height. Hog and I are 6’4". I think that’d be like you guys weighing about 160 if we were 200 lbs. You forget about bodyweight ratios when you’re taller than 98% of the general population.


What are you saying bro - I weigh 175, lol.

Here’s my take, FWIW - do your best and find approval from withing, not by comparing yourselves to others.

Don’t kid yourself, I like the Wilks, Wilkes, whatever it is, but you’re really competing against your self. So, know what your goal is - is it a total, a BP, a BF%, a goal weight - and embrace that.

Then, get after it.


then i’ll create neurotype 4. i don’t even have the qualitites of neurotype 3.


This should be in a poster. Quality