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Losthog—2018 First year


IMHO, you could just take another month and see how you feel from there, because I’m willing to bet anything you’ll be leaning more towards one side in a month’s time.


Tough one Hog.
If you’re enjoying the program, I definitely would do another 4 weeks. That would give you 8 weeks to get more familiar with it and after 8 weeks compared to 4 there’s a better chance to see how this program affected you.
On the other hand, you like laying out you own program, you know your body and how much it can handle and how it reacts to different stimulus.
So I understand you’re torn between the two.


that’s a bad thing isn’t it? don’t chose that.


What benefit have you gained thus far? Have you been recovering well? How is your cns holding up?


I think your joint stress is due to the movements you use. You do a lot of barbell work and it can wreak havoc on your joints. I think you could stick with this program but you should do as much DB and cable (if you have them) work as possible.

The only time I do a lot of barbell work is when I’m focusing on a specific movement like OHP or bench.


That’s the plan now. That will put us into mid December and in a good place leading into the holidays.


I’m at a weird place now. I see the benefits of working different programming models and I’m not experienced enough to program effectively for myself. I can stumble through some gains but it may not be the direct line to the promised land.


Yeah high reps tend to do that for me


I’m growing in size. And learning how some new stuff hits me. Doing things I would have never done. Recovery is perfect right now. Maybe a little more work would be better but it seems just right to maybe under performance. CNS isn’t even touched yet


Barbell work doesn’t hurt my joints. My joint issues are due to the volume of work…ie high rep stuff. High rep has always been my nemesis. With this program the barbell work is minimal. Most of the work is DB, cable, body weight etc.


You are a strange beast.


I’ll second you J.
@losthog you are a very special neurotype, I’ve been reading that peeps are different in what kind of training they prefer and what suits them most.
You are a beast that thrives on 1RM lifts :slight_smile:


Curious…what type do you think I am?

I ask of course because I think I am something, but I didn’t think I was when I read through them. I thought I was something else, but as my training age increases I seem to be something I didn’t think I was…
So what says you as an outside observer


For sure. Crazy is what most call me that know me :joy:


Whole lot of thinking going on here :laughing:


More lifting less thinking. Don’t over think it just lift. Lift heavy and get strong!


I’d say go for another 4 weeks and then make your decision, honestly. If you enjoy it, do it. If you don’t think it’s worth getting beat up over, then do a program that you know won’t beat you up. Maybe consider writing down some pros and cons of this program and go from there.

I’m sort of hypocrite because I’ve never paid for a program and I don’t plan on it, so me telling you to spend your hard-earned money on another 4 weeks is laughable. BUT, since you enjoy it, you may as well go for it. If it really beats you up this time around, you can stop at any point.


That’s really good.

You said you were a Type1A, but here you are doing a bunch of pump/volume work and responding well to it, which a type 1A does not. (TypeB can tolerate it more and arent as demotivated from pump/isolation work but heavier weights are still more effective for a b. Compound exercises in the 3-6 rep range and isolation/pump work to fix weaknesses in the 6-8 rep range is money ) you seem to be a novelty seeker and you thrive off of heavier weights which is Type1. IMO i believe You’re definitely a Type1. You responded well to darkhorse and had deep cns fatigue. I believe you’re a Neuortype 1B. Type 1b can handle alot more volume/stress because of high acetylcholine levels as well as low cortisol levels which type 1a lacks. Type 1B also need alot of variation in there training, do you find yourself able to transfer gains from one exercise to another? Darkhorse is a perfect example of this. However you dont seem to be an explosive lifter or utilise the stretch reflex like a type b. I’ve noticed from your videos that you have good motor control and coordination which a Type1b has. Type B always excells at sports no matter what sport they played. Is this you?

“people with a higher acetylcholine level are good at multitasking. They can easily switch their attention from one task to the another without any loss in efficiency. Signs of high acetylcholine levels are a great memory and the ability to pay attention to more than one thing at a time and do more than one project at a time.”

As a teacher and a coach you’d have to be able to multitask, and have a great memory and switch your attention from student to student. Type 1B is written all over you.


@duketheslaya any idea what I am?


I can give you my personal opinion, however that is not universal. I could be wrong with @losthog as well. My knowledge isn’t as good as I’d like it to be especially since i cannot do the neurotyping course. So yeah I’ll get back to you soon after the gym, but don’t take what i say with 100% Certainty.