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Losthog—2018 First year


Intense lol


Just a little puke. Almost held it back…


I think we all hate sumo. I can pull more conventional.


@liftangryordie500 I can’t for some reason. I can clean and jerk 275, but my conventional deadlift is barely mid 400s (445). My sumo is 475. If I can squat 425 I feel like I should be able to deadlift 500lbs conventionally but I can’t and idk why the hell not. It realllllly bothers me


Physics! At my peak I squatted 370 but pulled 545. Try figuring that out for me. I think it’s just my leverages - they’re good for pulling but suck for squatting.


Just ask Mr. Efferding. A very vocal lifter!


Probably a mental block. I had that mental block with squats… I could hit 275 x 4, but never another rep. This mental block held me back for 2 months, until I repped out 260 x 10 and realized I had 275 in the bag. Deadlift has always been my favorite lift, but my mental block was at 315. Then, I got over that and pulled 295 x 13. The key to breaking through mental blocks is through high-rep sub-maximal training. It’s always helped me.


Agree with this! Push the reps before pushing the weights.

I feel like if you can hit x10 on anything, you can add 20lbs and hit 5-8 AT LEAST!


10/08/18— meh squat day

Rushed this workout a day early because tomorrow I drive the football team 3 hrs to play we leave before noon and will be home around 3-4 am. Yeah me! Tomorrow is gonna suck…
Body still recovering from DL day but I got it done today

Lunges x20

205x8 paused
205x8 paused

135 x10
I should have at least worked up to 315 but I decided to not dig the recovery hole any deeper and stopped here.

Leg press

Banded Hamstring curls

Standing calf bullshit

Mailed it in on the squats today but I didn’t miss a workout. My legs are cooked in a nice smoldering way. I hope that sitting in a bus drivers seat for three hours and then standing for 3-4 hours and another 3 hours driving, then losing a night of sleep will be as fun as I anticipate it all will be. I’m taking a couple of bangs to get me through it all.


Progress pic

Top pic is Nov (270) bottom is Fed (230)


Nov 10, 2018. Extra day tris/shoulders



Seated French press

Rope pull


SS 3 rounds
DB laterial raise complex

10 plates

With Vertical rows


What happens when you max out on the conventional deadlift?


How’d you squeeze this in to your schedule? How was the football road trip?


The road trip was brutal. Got home at 3am slept as long as I could today 9-9:30. Then had a shake and went to the gym. The workout was good. My whole upper ring traps and tris are destroyed


What happens on tour stays on tour :wink:


I love it. How’d the high rep, high volume shoulder exercises feel? I have a theory that the bulk of shoulder training should be in the 12-25 rep range, keeping some heavy presses if the shoulders allow.


They felt like I poured gasoline on them and struck a match. I am struggling to lift my arms now :joy::joy:


Some groupies can’t keep secrets


Technically speaking? My back bends. The first four years of my lifting career I was doing mainly Olympic lifts, where, unlike deadlifts, under no circumstances can you round your back. I haven’t recorded my deadlifts in a while, but next time I do them, I will. One theory of mine for the mental block like @liftangryordie500 mentioned, is that as soon as I feel even an ounce of spinal flexion, I stop. I know that physiologically there is a certain degree or thoracic flexion that is allowable, and perhaps even beneficial, but that’s not the point. I don’t know what a real conventional deadlift should feel like. Spending years hammering technically sound Oly technique is great for getting good at olympic lifting, but now I feel like deadlifting anything over 315 conventionally is going to snap me in half.

I’ve considered hiring a coach before, but I haven’t. I don’t have the money, and I don’t know anybody who knows more about strength training than I do (which isn’t saying much). So I’m kind of at a 3-way impasse. I have 3 choices: sacrifice tuition money for a coach, which won’t happen. I could stop deadlifting, which I don’t want to do–deadlifting 500lbs is the personal goal that I’m closest to ATM. I could continue deadlifting and possibly get hurt, which I also don’t want to do.

Any advice is appreciated, from anybody. My torso is 1-2 inches longer than my legs are and my arms are a normal length, so none of that is a huge deal. I don’t think I can hide behind the “leverages” argument. It’s either a mental block or a form issue.


If you can afford 20 USD per month Greg’s system is good BUT it’s focused on getting you a bigger total. It does transfer well to other stuff though. His technique videos are very good and you get good feedback on the Facebook group.