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Losthog—2018 First year


I don’t really bother to read Much articles on T-Nation anymore. I’ve read so many and if i need something il reread an article. But this neurotyping stuff is really interesting! I think it’s a total gamechanger for athletes all around the world, if alot of people get a hold of the information.

He’s a smart dude that’s for sure


Well, crap. Guess I ruined myself in my first serious year.


Not sure we were lifting enough weight to make a difference really. :joy::joy::joy:
There has to be enough muscle stimulus and neural connection to make the cns fry. Little inexperienced muscles can get away with crazy bro splits with no direction or rep schemes.

I’ve noticed recently I actually do better by backing off some on the volume and the gains are better.


My split had a scheme. It was a decent program for a guy who just did what his big brother (older, not much bigger) said to do.

Chest/Tri’s, Back/Shoulders/Bi’s, Legs, repeat.

3-4 exercises per muscle group
3 sets per muscle group
Most compound exercises were increasing weights with 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps always trying to beat the last workout’s top weight. You’d probably like it :wink:


what is this cns fry really? aren’t cns adaptions among the first to come because they take so little resources to build up, and then, all of a sudden the cns is fried and that takes ages or something to recover from. i don’t get it. how do i even know if my cns is fried, what are the symptoms, and could it be something else that’s shutting down and not the cns?


The only time I’ve ever been in deep cns fatigue was running the Darkhorse. It was like I was thinking through a fog. I couldn’t think…my recall of information was poor, my speech was slow. My body was constantly fatigued feeling. If felt like I was sick at times. It’s like living in third person perspective…
the feeling you get after. Heavy set that whites you out, but it doesn’t go away even a day or two after training

Possible it could be something else, but that is what I related it to…


Think of it in terms of arousal (not the sexual kind). If you’re training has a lot of max effort, grind it out sets then you’re probably close to your maximum arousal level. What I mean by that is that it’s all hands on deck. The motor neurons are firing as fast as possible and every one of them is firing (max effort and max muscle recruitment).

To contract a muscle a motor neuron fires and innervates all of its muscle fibers. For a simple example, consider doing a leg extension with 50 lbs. It’s easy so you won’t use all of your muscle fibers. You might use 40% of your muscle fibers. This won’t cause all of your motor neurons to fire. To maintain the contraction through the movement the neurons continue firing. They have a rate of firing that can be improved through training. According to my understanding, the same neurons that started the movement continue firing until you stop. It’s like they fire and release and repeat but it’s so fast that you don’t realize it (obviously).

If you have long periods of training where you’re doing this then your CNS starts to fade, or under recover. Symptoms are like overtraining, I guess. You’re tired; feel like crap. You lose motivation. You feel weaker.

You can achieve CNS fatigue through training to failure — it can be max effort singles and doubles or just constantly taking sets to failure.


I’m in for some fun. :laughing:


No need to fear, that’s what 4-6 week low volume maintenance periods are for. I’d look into Mike Israetel and the volume land marks if you haven’t. It’s mostly bodybuilding focused but can be applied to anything sport related


10/29/18— W3D1 Bench

This week we add a day of training.


Flys 5x20

235x5 (just right last rep was the last rep possible)

Incline DB bench w/ red band:
60x4. Ran out of gas…
Dropped the band

Triset: cable cross/ dip shrugs/ wide elevated pus



Skull crushers tempo

Huge triceps pump and some pec pump. This was a much better workout. One that left me feeling good about the work out in. My dips are still assisted, but getting better. I’ll be doing bw dips soon! If all I get from this plan is being able to do bw dips it is a winner!

I’m back in the love this program slot. I’m glad I’m doing this…:man_facepalming: I know whishy washy.


You’re learning. That’s all.

You haven’t been doing this for long, so you’re going through what almost all of us did when we started.

Eventually you’ll figure out what you want out of this and how to get it.


I want to squat 4 plates and bench 3 plates.

I want to live life pain free.

Those goals seem to be mutually exclusive though.


For now, maybe. Who knows what the future holds though, ya know?


It might by possible but is it necessary? My long term health and success might actually be more dependent on the things that I don’t do.


instead of a 3 plate bench, how bout a 3 plate floor press. For your health.


I’m thinking I need to stick with DBs. They’re better for my goals anyway. I can still get strong and they’re better for pec development and joint health. The world will just have to deal with my new answer to the age old question: How much do you bench?

Me - 120s for 5.

(I actually don’t know that since this is a new chapter in my training)


I’ve been enjoying watching the physique change with this program and really dialed in the diet. I’ve dropped a few lbs I wake at 271 most days and the body is looking tighter and less fat. This morning I’m hungry and need some calories…not sure I will change anything diet related and just see where this goes.


10/31/18–W3D2 Deadlift :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

Lat pulls:

Sumo Deads 1” block
315x10 (should have done more but happy with this)

Hamstring curls

Rev hypers with band

Concentration curls
35x12 (nice pump going)

Barbell curls

Had fun wanted to pull some monster deadlifts but held back and followed the plan. I’ve got a 550 in me now! Gonna be good moving foward.


Looking strong. Keep up the good work.


hah nice!

high rep deads = fun day.

also, it’s kind of funny when you think about it: deadlifting with a skeleton mask, when a skeleton is underneath the flesh. so it’s like, skeleton + flesh + skeleton.