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Losthog—2018 First year

d a m n.

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What grip are you using for deads? Are you using chalk?

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Fo sho!

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What a workout! Good stuff

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I’m using double overhand. I could switch to mixed and get more weight, but I’m not interested in building an imbalance. I may use a mixed grip eventually but for now I can still get it double over hand. I did do some hook grip on a few reps. The hook is hard on the thumbs, but I do work it in ocassionally. And chalk is a must. We have a small bag of chalk we dust up with. I may switch to a Tupperware bowl and get more so I can really dig my hands into and get chalk everywhere…


The DL is progressing nicely right now and grip is getting stronger. I would like for the grip to always stay ahead of the lift. I understand that it will be the weak link eventually…

Use double overhand until your top sets , then use mixed grip, you won’t build an Inbalance with all the other work you are doing.

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Thx man. Solid advice. I’ll mix grip next time instead of going for straps if grip fails. I don’t mind strapping up, but I want to be as raw as I safely can. Knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, and heeled squat shoes are the only aids I use consistently. I may start using a belt soon, but I would rather not rush into it as long as I can brace without it.

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Damn Hog that was a strong day in the gym.

Keep the double overhand for as long as you can, I wish I could do that.
You’ll pull 500 by the end of the year. All that hard labour work pays of now.


I can hold a heavy barbell but I can’t open a jar of pickles. :joy::joy:

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Some people speak against mixed grip due to the muscular imbalances it can create. I always alternated my grip every set so I didn’t do that. But I’ve also heard that biceps tears are common-ish in people who pull big weights (600+) with mixed grip. Or maybe it’s just with any grip… I don’t know.

I just know that I pull hook or double overhand until grip messes with my execution of the lift and then it’s time for the straps. All of the strongman competitors use straps when they can so I think if the goal is to deadlift then use straps. If the goal is to build your grip, then proceed strapless.


This is another reason I don’t.

My weight room OCD does not appreciate those 10’s inside those 25’s/35’s on your bench setup.


Sorry I’ll try and do better

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4-22-18 measurment day

Am: 245

Bf%: 17.14 (10,30,12)
Fat lbs: 42
LBM: 203

Neck: 43.3 cm
Shoulders: 132.5
Chest: 117.3
Ribs: 106
Belly: 108.5
Waist: 105
Hips: 112

Rt / Lt
Bicep: 40.3 / 40.3
Fore: 31.7 / 31.3
Thigh 65/ 64.4
Calf: 42/ 42

Starting the vertical diet this week. On the menu is ny strip ( got a special $5.98).
1.5 lbs per day with 2 cups cooked rice.

Protein shake/
1 tspn raw honey/10-15 Almonds/ Greek yogurt 1/2 cup

Oats 1/2 cup dry
2 oz raisins

8oz ny strip
1 cup rice

8oz nystrip
1 cup rice

8oz ny strip
1 cup rice
Sweet potato w/ butter (alternate squash)

Casien protein w/ milk


Yeah I do this, double overhand for all my warmups, straps on all my top sets for the deadlifts. I do plenty of other stuff for my grip, like farmers, row variations, axle work.

I’ve been wanting to try the vertical diet for a long time. If you’re going sodium-heavy (first of all, probably consult a physician first), make sure it’s iodized sodium with filtered water. I’ve read that the fluoride in regular tap water can fuck up the absorption of iodine. Definitely interested to see how you do on TVD.

This is the third day. I’m starving. Body is blowing through the rice and red meat. I just salt my food well.


I think that’s a good sign. You might have to increase your portions or add another meal… I know when my meal is half rice or other veggies, I’m starving within 45-60 minutes. It’s kind of annoying, so I’ve been sticking with 4-5 eggs and 6-10 oz of ham when I want to stay full for a while. Not quite as much protein as slamming that good red meat, but it does ok

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4-23-18. Bench form improvement before breakdown

45x15 (treating lower weights like 1K lbs)
+195x8 (2-3 reps left bar speed slowed)
?225x1 (wanted a triple, form was solid this was a great rep)
Spoto: 195x5, 155x5x2
Wide grip w/ pause: 155x5x3

145x8 these felt awesome

Lat: wide grip
120x20 great reps here

BB row:
205x10 (thought I was doing 185 oops)
205x10 (my row is ahead of my bench)

Paul Carter gun gains SS:
Preacher/ BB / incline DB/ rope push down/ rope overhead/ kickback (sub for dips shoulder was feeling good didn’t want to activate it) 4 sets 12 reps each, 2 min rest between sets

55/ 65/ 25s/ 110/ 90/ 30s

Could barely bend my arms from the pump.

Was going to do some incline with dbs did one set of 30s for 15.

Tried to finish off the chest with push-ups. Got 2 sets of 1. I was done.

Weighed in post workout. 249. Holy cow I’m gaining weight. And my stomach is getting flat. I like it.

Been red meat and rice for three days and salting food big time. I had the stamina of a stallion tonight. Something to this diet it seems early on.

No rep PRs or weight PRs, but I did get a super clean rep of 225 that is an improvement. The bench form felt much better tonight than last week. I’m glad I decided to revisit my form. On the 225 rep I focused on "pulling the weight down to my chest, hitting my landing point, pause, then explode. Stayed super tight.