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Losthog—2018 First year


What’s that? Please advise


Is this it?


With this


Not trying to scare you, but for me shoulder stuff takes forever to fully heal.

Once you’re healthy again I’ve noticed all of the seasoned lifters put back day before chest day because it is supposedly safer to fatigue the back of the shoulder girdle before you train the front.


That’s pretty funny there’s ab article with that title, but I was just thinking a general lower body focus while your healing up. Back works too!


Great info man. Thanks for the heads up


Today I took my gym bag to work and thought about squatting after work. I had the itch to lift again legs tingling just thinking about going to work…

I held off.

I decided to get more rest and check it on Monday.


seems like the right time for this. can’t push heavy weights every session eternally, if you go for big wheels now maybe you will fok up something else in addition to you shoulder.


I’m down 3 lbs in the last two weeks. 272 this morning after a horrific eating night last night. Pasta and brownies.


12/08/18– couldn’t take it anymore Squats

Limber 11 (umm these are good)
BW lunges, squats, jumps

315x5 (best set of squats I’ve had in a long time)
335x5 ( challenging but not terrible)

Leg Press—
275x10 (too light)
365x9 (this should be my starting weight)

BB Walking lunges—
65x20 (glad I didn’t push the weight more than this)
65x20 (sweating like a pig)

Lying hamstring curls (old natulus machine)
90x8 (toes pointed all sets)

Stiff legged deficit deadlift
245x8 (maybe a touch too heavy)

Some GHR to stretch the Hams

Treadmill 5 min fast walk 1/2 mile

Had a great workout. Felt awesome best workout I’ve had since July. This workout energized me and sparked my energy levels. The time off has done the job ready to get after it again!

I cannot recommend enough if you are feeling ground down to take some time away from the weights!

I’ll start the 6 week back program on Monday and keep working this 12 week to big wheels program.


Time off does wonders hey. Especially if you’ve got a couple of little niggling pains around the place, a week or 2 off will work.


Don’t your shoulder hurt when squatting?
Nice WO btw, when you get back to the room, there’s no holding back. Love it Hog.


@losthog after trying this today I’d highly recommend:


Since adding in 100 or so band Pullaparts and sometimes other various band work most sessions my shoulders have been perfect, it’s like bloody magic


Band voodoo


No shoulder pain when squatting. It’s a movement based issue. The culprit shows up on certain arm position rotations of the shoulder. Mostly the bottom of the bench press.


Then it’s time to get some big wheels :slight_smile: or just rehab that shoulder and occasionally do some big squats


That is the plan. Try to do some back work and leg work. Fit in some sort of pec work if I can but if I can’t ill just let it lag and catch up soon…


12/10/18– Back crusher day 1

Band stuff for the shoulder
Alan thrall 3
Face pulls
Pull aparts
Internal and external rotations
Seatbelts on and off
About 10-15 min band work both shoulders

Rev grip rows with 3 count hold at the top

One arm row

Vhandle row with band and stretch (red band)

Band assisted chins full range of motion slow and controlled

Bar work on flat bench

A few demo squats for the Baseball team and it cleared up any stiffness I had from the Saturday squat session. Recovery squats are the shiz. I may need some light squatting a couple of days after the main lift to get some blood flow into the areas.

Had a good workout. Done in 40 min before bar work.