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Losthog—2018 First year


Them’s some good goals


I am late but wow Hog, congrats!! Great job, mate.


Late as well, but good on ya. 4 plates - you’re gettin into them big boy weights now.

If you’re still unsure, check out Juggernaut. Follows the same 4 main lift + accessory training week. Uses a 90% training max (same as 531), divided into 3 week blocks (10, 8, 5, 3). Each block goes from light/moderate weight (depending on block) with high volume to higher weight with less volume over the course of the three weeks. Last workout of each three week block is a test, max reps at prescribed weight. If you meet the goal for that block (10, 8, you get the gist), weight stays the same. If you exceed the goal, then you increase training max by a pre-determined amount per rep over goal and use that for the next block. Couple different ways of running it, original (10, 8, 5, 3) or undulating (10, 5, 8, 3). Original order, weights get progressively heavier over the full 12 week program, meaning you spend more time away from the heavier weights. Undulating, you go from lightest (10) to second heaviest (5) to lighter (8) to heaviest (3). Only times you go for max weight is if you need to test for 1RM to get a more legit look at where you are (since after adding weight to training max it can become sort of hypothetical).


Where do I find that at? Is it a four day plan?

I’m kind of crimped in the schedule from now until November. Games Thursday and Fridays some of those nights will be midnight or later getting home. So Thursday and Friday will be off days. I could squeeze in an am session on Thursday or Fridays depending on locations.

So it looks like I’ll be Saturday,Sunday, off , Tues, Wed. Not ideal but it will work.


Yeah, it’s a four day (he also has variations for 3 day I believe). I do it Mon Tue, Thu Fri so your schedule will work just as well. Too bad we don’t have PM on here anymore, I could share a copy with you.

jtsstrength.com, look under ebooks in their store. Juggernaut method 2.0.


Brian Alsruhe has his take at Juggernaut on his site as well.
I think @theonecamko is/was running that


Cam was running conjugate. I don’t remember seeing alpha with a juggernaut type program


You could send it Instagram…:sunglasses:


The captain of the powerlifting team my 2nd year had everyone try juggernaut the first 2-3 months. Was a good time, don’t remember the specifics anymore tho cause it was a while ago.


Do I look like a 12 year old girl? :smiley:


Depends on the lighting…


well played, sir

Gimme your IG, I’ll see if I can do something via my kid’s account


Late to the party here also. 90lbs Pr is just nuts in that time frame.

Im sure @Alpha will be very proud you got so much out of Darkhorse

as his stuff worked so well for you I would consider running his ‘Powerbuilder’ template, really good also and not quite as brutal


Losthoglifting is the insta


Jumped on IG. Following.


Awww shit. We’re taking this party to IG!

But I won’t be posting pics of me in my underwear on IG. I’ll save those for this special little place.


is your pornhub also under JMaier31?


I gotchu on IG :slight_smile:


You really shouldn’t have a subscription to pornhub.


I need it. I can only get off to HD tiddys nowadays