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Lost weight but look bigger

I have no weight scale at home but last time I weighed myself it was 2 months ago and I weighed myself at my gf’s house at 185lbs,5’7. Then Yesterday I went to a party and they had a weigh scale and I weighed 178, since 2 months ago I look and feel way bigger but I lost weigh, what gives!!!?

those wussy home consumer weights blow… one will say one thing another will say something else, tho supposedly both are “calibrated” use some commercial grade (business) scale… I got one here its sweeeeet.

I agree with Freebie to some extent. Most home scales aren’t the best scales around. However, I do think that they are useful as well. If using a home scale, use the same scale for all your measurements.

All I know is I can take a piss and gain two pounds. Those scale suck. :slight_smile:

Basically what happened is that when you lose bodyfat and/or subcutaneous water you look more cut. When one looks more cut they look bigger because more of the shape of the muscle actually shows through. For example, look at some really cut small body builder often times their arms are in 16-17" range yet they look huge. The more ripped you get the bigger and better you will look.

I agree with Steve.
Now you can see your muscles (yee ha).
In 1969 Anrold can the to US and competed against Frank Zane. He lost!!!
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Best O’Luck with your training