Lost the motivation.

dont take this as a flame but i dont understand being unmotivated. This is what i do. This is as much a part of me as eating and breathing.

have you noticed the links are all by tc? damn good writer

Goldberg - You’re a young guy, right? 22 or 23? Train another 15 years, throw in a wife, a stressful career, and a couple of kids and you’ll find that there are ups and downs when it comes to motivation. I’m sure you’ll never quit, but there will be days when you’d rather not go to the gym. It happens to the best of us.

Once again, I say we must learn to think outside of our own skins.


Actually, all the articles mentioned so far are by the master of motivation himself, Chris Shugart!

Motivation is a staple of his aside from many good T/N articles!

Besides those mentioned so far be sure to check out:

I Hear Dead People

Alligator Stew for the Soul

And his “Gut Check” articles in each issue of the printed mags! I make it a point to read one of his motivational articles once a week just to remind me why I do what I do.

Very well said, TEK.

yep good post TEK. Sometimes life gets way too busy to lift even when I want togo to the gym I can’t. Family comes first,has to. I love health and fitness but has to be put on the back burner every once in a while. But now I just feel BLAH. Hard to snap but it will.

oh shit… well now i feel stupid… sorry about that, and ill be sure to check out those other links

doyoulovebeef - TC has some good ones too. “Let Go of the Rock” comes to mind.

But oh i have. Ive been training for almost 15 years now. Ive gone to school full time, worked full time(90 hours every two weeks), all the while having a girlfriend and being in a fraternity which if you know is like working in a business. I know what its like to be busy. Lifting has always and will always be a priority in my life. It is apart of me. It is who I am. It has been the one constant in my life over everything that has changed.

Goldberg, different people are involved in different things. They have to prioritize their activities. You happen to put lifting as one of your top priorities, where other people may put other things ahead of that.

Proiorities can also change, depending on the time of the year. There’s a lot more outdoor activities to do in the summer, for example.

I guess we are just different people. This is my life. Its what my degree is in and its what im gonna be teaching to people until i can no longer breathe. I guess that explains my perspective.