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Lost Strength


I'm 42 my goal was a 500 deadlift I hit it around february then hit 520 I train muay Thai weighed 230 when I lifted the 520. I lost 20 pounds doing muay trying to get my weight back up . I deadlifted today I'm struggling to hit 5 x410 only other thing different is ive recently mad a deadlift platform before that I had some pads under the weights they were not bigger than 1/2 a inch that can't be a factor.

I feel like I'm starting all over I weigh around 212-215 right now and am only going once a week to my thai class.has anyone else gone throught this ???
My bench was 380 I struggle with 350
My OHP was 230 I struggle with 210-215 ugly lifts

My goal is 600 deadlift that's it do I have to be heavy to accomplish this I take creatine some protein but that's it I lift raw THIS SHIT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY and I really enjoy training muay Thai but should I quit


What does your diet look like?

What is your training routine?

Between February and now did you stop training for a long period of time?


x2 need to know your training and diet etc.

Saying that I would invest in some MAG-10/Surge Recovery or a good amino drink to have immediately post muay thai


Sat -rest
This varies depending on work I'm on call and my diet is fucked
Also haven't stopped training


Fixing your diet will help - especially if your on call work means your sleep isn't always as you would want it.

One thing that stands out with your training is that you've got two chest days, a shoulder/bicep day and a deadlift day but no squats and no back training. Any reason for this?

Not training your back is definitely not going to help your deadlift - unless you train it on deadlift day, but even then IMO it wouldn't hurt to train it on other days a bit too. Not squatting might also not be doing you any favours. I know not everyone finds that squat and deadlift feed off each other but if you're looking for ways to improve your deadlift and you're not squatting at all, I don't see how squatting some is going to hurt.


first my diet has always been a problem another thing that's changed we just had are first beautiful baby girl she's 8 months I GET NO SLEEP and I loved to squat but something had to go for muay thai the second chest day is optional if I have time.
I had stopped squats when I hit that 520 it's just sucks starting all over I'm now only going once a week to muay thai you'd be surprised how intense it is


Boss, I have a 7 month old girl, so I know all about the sleep deficit. I took about six weeks off from training after she was born and came back with a two day per week routine that looked like this:



Assistance was some lat work and arm and ab work if I felt like it. I did really well with this and my pull came back around pretty quickly even though I wasn't sleeping and had lost 15-20 lbs since before the kid was born. Looking at how you set your training up now, this template may not appeal to you but I think it works well, particularly since you are training martial arts and so obviously have competing goals. Only so much recovery capital to spend, use it wisely.


Poor diet on adequate sleep can give results.

Poor diet and shitty sleep often gives negative results.

While you can't do much about the sleep, you CAN get your nutrition in check. I'd also suggest perusing the Combat forum and seeing how guys in there train weights and maybe take some notes from them.


I know how it is. I lost 80 lbs of squat strength just from taking a month and a half off, and even during that time I was doing heavy barbell lunges.

One thing I would like to say is that sleep is extremely important. If you consistently get enough sleep you can become Goku himself.


Sleep and nutrition are important, but being spot on constantly won't restrict your progress unless you are already at a high level. If your volume is high in your workouts with bad sleep/nutrition, then it will have a bad effect on your ability to grow.

I see no squatting in your routine. Squatting will help the deadlift. I would get rid of the Mon-Tues stuff. With a lack of sleep and nutrition you gotta cut it out because the body won't recover quick enough, therefore won't grow and get stronger.

Personally, I would do my heavy chest work and accessory work on Monday. Take Tues off. Do the Muay on Wed. Take Thurs off. Do the Muay on Fri. And then pull or squat on Sun. If you don't like squatting heavy, I'd highly recommend doing at least some lighter weight box squats or full squatting for reps after the heavy dead stuff. I'd also say I'd go every other week on the heavy dead stuff. Don't do heavy deads every week.

Basically, just allow your body time to heal before you go tear it up again. Muay is full body training which is very draining so it may be of more benefit to cut the Fri Muay and pull on Saturday unless you really love the Muay and need it two days/week.

No matter what, do what you love but if you have goals, set some things on the backburner or cut the work in half in order to make progress on something else.

Good luck!