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Lost strength


This is a dumb question but fuck it bench 375 dead 490 strict press 230 squat 405 way below parallel these were my number ,things got busy at work were going on over 3 weeks with no days off sat &sun 10-12 hours everyday .

I also joined a muy Thai class 1 year membership so my plan was muy Thai mon wed fri lift tue thur sat rest Sunday .Heres the problem I'm tired always burnt but I can't stop lifting I'm weak as hell today was bench I couldn't even lift 330 my squat is a struggle 380 my dead is shit I struggled with 440 .

My OHP I barely got 210 ,question is has anyone had this experience,also I'm a zombie in my muy Thai class im so tired plus I'm the oldest one I'm 41 ,obviously I'm tired but has that happend to anyone else that big a drop .
Any help would be appreciated


So you're 41, work 7 days a week for 3 weeks, 12 hour shifts, do Muy Tai and you've lost a bit of strength? So burning the candle at both ends is catchin up top ya huh? Sounds pretty normal to me man.

So when you say those WERE your numbers, I asume this was before the 3 week binder? I bet when things return to "normal" so will your numbers.


Bro that's what I hope the muy Thai is just for cardio my girlfriends pregnant it's are first and I don't want to get all winded chasing my lil daughter around and yeah those numbers were before the 3 weeks of hell we should go back to normal hours this week I'm a maintenance mechanic so hours vary .

thanks for your reply S.D I figured that I was tired and burnt out it was just a shock to not lift what I usually lift ez those numbers aint high by no means but I was slowly creeping to my goal 500 dead 250 OHP I'm far from my squat goal 500 I don't worry to much about bench numbers .thanks again brother.


FWIW, I am also 41, I have 3 kids and I work rotating shift work flip flopping between day shifts and nights. Between work and family stuff and doing "man things" I want to do, sometimes I'm a freaking Zombie and I've done more "I'm not doing jack shit" accessory than I'd like to admit but life happens man. Faith, Family, weights. That's the order for me. Sometimes I have to get creative for that #3 to happen but I find a way. I may not set records but I still love playing the game and chasing PR's, although they come slower and are harder to earn now a days.lol


It's normal. I'm 38. I wouldn't worry.


I hear you S.D I was to tired to go to class today it sucks but I won't stop and every fuckin thing is harder !! lol I love my life my girl and my unborn baby I wouldn't change a thing .
But it would be nice to dead 500 do a correct powerful round house muy Thai kick in time I guess .Thanks for replies S.D &OS