Lost Strength While Cutting. Add Weight Gainer?

I started my cut at 255 about 17-20% BF. Now I’m 235 at about 16-18%. I lost all my strength completely. And I know it’s from lack of calories and carbs but I lost about 50-70 pounds on all my lifts. I’m almost never having meals throughout the day (I know that’s a problem trying to fix) calories about 1500-2000 ( yes I know low) carbs approx 100-200, protien 200-250. I know everything is to low rn that’s why I’m considering a mass gainer and also a carb up. But should I do one or other or both? Plan was half scoop mass gainer pre workout about hour and half before. Take a fast digesting carb up inside my intra workout BCAA. How many carbs is to many for fat loss? I power lift so I need my carbs but I look like complete shit so I’m trying to just lean down to about 11-12%. Current numbers 585 dl, 525 squat, 405 bench. But feel like I’m losing an abnormal amount of strenght from when I finished bulking.

What have you done since last year? You know, when you were 225 and 15% bf?

What do you mean what have I done?

I’m guessing he wonders why you’re a little fatter and have lost all your strength based on information you’ve provided in this thread and previous threads. You haven’t made much progress in a year which would make sense if you took some time off or had some problems that negatively impacted training / diet. If you’ve been consistent the past year, with no / reverse progress you may need more help than a quick forum post.

6 weeks ago:

So, if you are/were being honest, in 6 weeks you gained 5 pounds of scale weight and about 10 pounds of fat, added 30 pounds to your deadlift, added 30 pounds to your squat, and added 40 pounds to your bench.

If your goal was to lose fat, your training and diet were almost completely wrong for your goal. If your goal was to get fatter and a ton stronger, congrats, mission accomplished.

Oh. Well from start of bulking season to now. I started my bulk around October. Roughly 225 at 15%. I made great size gains, didn’t focus to much on strenght but I did gain some strengh. Went from 225 to 255. But I am losing strenght now becuase I have been cutting for a little over a month and down to 235 now and I drastically reduced calories and carbs. That’s why my question is since my macros are so low and below where they should be even for fat loss would I still producively lose fat and maybe gain some of my strenght back if I take a mass gainer and carb up ( I know I would always lose strenght on a cut but I feel like I’m losing to much strenght)

Well from the macros you listed im compelled to ask…whats your fat intake? I see you cutting plenty of carbs out, but without adjusting fat to accommodate, you are just cutting out energy to up the protein. Protein is not the bodies preferred energy choice, carbs and fats are, so if you are eating around 1500 kcals a day, you are getting 1k of that from protein and around 400 of that from carbs. Your energy levels are shot because you literally cut all the energy providing macros from your diet. You cant expect to down chicken breast and protein shakes and have the energy to lift decent numbers.

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Thank you that was a helpful answer. They are about 80g of fat a day. I just been trying to eat super lean for the fat loss and I know that’s my problem that’s why I’m considering the mass gainer and carb up. I’m having trouble hitting my carbs and fats becuase all I’m eating through out the day is like you said is shakes and chciken. I have been having rice and vegetables along with the chicken pre and post work out which is about 150g of carbs. But that’s all my carbs for the day, I don’t have carbs the rest of the day. Which I know I should.

Okay correction. I use my fitness pal to just document my macros. My goal is 80 fat ( so idk if you think it should be higher than that) but I am getting between 15-50g of fat. My carbs I’m usually getting like 100g and protien is at like 150-220. I’ve been so off, that’s why I’m looking for advice on the diet. i just don’t know what to have for meals, becuase I just keep trying to eat as clean as possible and I’m just not getting what I need in.

So… just totally glossing over the fact that you’re definitely not getting weaker at all because you significantly improved each big lift significantly in 6 weeks? Alrighty.

Even compared to a full year ago, you’re a ton stronger on everything. So I’m still not clear where this “I’m getting weaker” idea is coming from.

It’s because I’m cutting now. I was making good progress and hit all those numbers and now I started cutting these past about 4 weeks and everything immediately dropped 50-70 pounds that’s why I’m trying to fix my diet. Such as today I couldn’t even pick up 495 off the ground when a little over a month ago I was doing it for 3-5

March: “bodyweight 230. 555 deadlift, 495 squat, 365 bench”.

Earlier today: “Bodyweight 235. Current numbers 585 dl, 525 squat, 405 bench.”

[quote=“tom1996, post:11, topic:228665”]
now I started cutting these past about 4 weeks and everything immediately dropped 50-70 pounds that’s why I’m trying to fix my diet. Such as today I couldn’t even pick up 495 off the ground [/quote]
Maybe I misunderstanding the timeline. When exactly did you hit those “current” numbers of 525/405/585?

Regardless, if you lose 20 pounds of bodyweight in one month, of course your performance is going to drop significantly. That’s crash dieting and it’s stupid and you should follow a better plan.

What do u think I’m posting for?! My cutting diet plan sucks and that’s why I’m asking for advice. I know I do have issues explaining things but why is no one understanding this. I was smaller and weaker, so bulked hit better numbers and size. Now I am cutting so I’m losing strenght. So I’m asking what do I fix in my diet plan to still productively lose fat but keep my some of strength?

literally nothing you’re saying makes any sense, dude.

If nobody understands what you’re saying, it’s not an us problem. It’s a you problem.

I’ll answer your last question though. If you lose 20 lbs, you can expect to be weaker, ESPECIALLY when you only lost 1-2% bodyfat. That means you lost a ton of muscle. So I take it that your overall question is, how do you lose fat while not losing muscle at the same time.

The answer to that question is far too complex to answer in this thread without having A LOT more information from you. Cutting and maintaining strength is one of the hardest things to do in the lifting world. There are general principles to follow, like making sure you take your cut slowly and keep your protein intake and fluids high, but without knowing how you ate prior to the cut, and how you ate during the cut, there’s no way to give you proper direction for the future. This is why people hire diet coaches. And I’m not trying to be patronizing or anything, I’m just saying that, if you really want someone to invest the time and effort required to help you properly, you’ll need to hire someone. That, or read more. I doubt you’ve read up very much on the subject, since you don’t seem to know where to start in explaining the situation in the first place.

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