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Lost Strength on a Bulk

I Started madcows 5x5 in april hoping to increase my lifts after my cut.

My lifts pre cut were:
bench press:77.5kg for a 5x5
Squat: 155kg 1RM belted and 122.5kg for a 5x5
Deadlift 125kg x5

After my cut from 170lbs to 147lbs in 12 weeks my lifts dropped from the above to:
Bench: 75kg 5x3
Squat: 140kg(guess. maybe lower)
Deadlift: 110kg x 5

On my cut i decided to modify my form on the deadlift and squat. For the squat i got a pair of adipowers, as i had been doing it in socks for 12 months before. I modified my form and dropped the weight a little. It came out improved in the end to a reasonable amount.

I started madcows at this point. My llifts went up on the program(but maybe not my 1rm), and i managed about 16 weeks before i reset. there was 1 week i took off around week 11.
After the reset i started again hoping to make more progress.

I generally stalled around:
Squat 122.5kg for 3
Deadlift(unknown. still progressing slowly. at 117kg for 5 atm with vastly improved form.)

I tested my 1rm on squat and bench today also.
Bench: 95kg
Squat:140kg belted.

Now it seems i have lost strength. I have not gained as much as i thought i would either. Im dubious to whether i’ve gained any muscle since april either. i think it is all fat. Currently 162lbs.

I would love some insight. Maybe i just respond awfully to this program? I’m starting to think i need more volume due to my genetics.

For programming move on to 5/3/1 or ws4sb etc. Sounds like you need to both read up on nutrition and ‘learn your body’ in terms of what it responds to best in terms of making gainz

Beradi articles are a good place to start…

You might be right, but it may also have been the day you decided to test.

If you really want to test you maxes, take a few days off to rest and have one session where you work up to maxes in the squat, bench and deadlift? Take good long rests between attempts and lifts too. It’ll take maybe three hours or so (or more), but it’ll be fun. IMO that’ll give you a more accurate idea of what your maxes actually are.

For programming, I agree with RampantBadger. Same with diet.