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Lost Someone...


My cousins husband was killed last night in a car accident. She is ok but her husband didn't make it. He was ejected from the car through the windshield. He was speeding and thats all I know at this point.

While I didnt get along with the kid it still hurts. He was a young father, 21. They had been married almost 3 years, next week. Christ, I just remembered that. Its going to be very difficult for her as it was one of those relationships that seem to always work out when times became difficult.

I guess I just needed to type or something to let things out.



Sorry about your loss. You'll be in my christmas prayers...


So sorry for the loss man, prayers go out to your family.


That's a terrible thing to have happen, especially at the holidays. You and your family are in our prayers.


Thanks guys and Cdoll


Oh, man. I'm so sorry for all of you.



Sorry for your loss. Best wishes for you and your family during a rough time.



Life's a complicated journey with many unexpected turns. I wish your family well.


She must be hurting so much now. You two are in my thoughts and prayers.


I too just lost someone, a grandmother, so you will be in my prayers. Be there for your cousin because she will need strength. Take care and god bless.


My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who've lost someone recently... It's a horrible horrible thing to lose someone, especially around the holidays.