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Lost So Much Weight I Looked Funny


In 2008 I weighed 265lbs at 6' and a size 44 at the waist on pants and a xl or xxl shirt. But in total I had lost 80lbs by April 2010 and weighed 185 started with walking/running outside then in the gym cardio and cable weight 3-4 times a week. However, being that all my life I've been overweight I felt I looked weird being that slim. So, in the past year I've graduated myself from the cable weights and moved into the other room at the gym. I ened up gaining some weight back up to 225lbs, then in the past month dropped it off, and now I'm back to 203lbs.

While I haven't kept up with my diet as much as I'd like to I'm trying to get more serious about building some lean muscle. The majority of my excessive fat is in my love handles, so I started dieting again. I use 100% hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate after workouts which is about 72grams of protein, a good multi vitamin.

I spend about 1 hr to 1 hr 30 mins a day 5 days a week at the gym. Which usually consists of streching, 30 mins of cardio and the rest weights. Mon chest, back, abs/Tues shoulders arms/Wed legs/Thurs & Fri whatever I feel I need to work on. While I've noticed major differences in my appearance, it would still be great to get some suggestions on losing fat while building muscle.

Here are some before and after pics.


After weight loss at 185 lbs


Currently @ 203 lbs


Oh and about what my lift stats, I'm unsure because I don't keep track of them and I don't push myself too hard because I don't have a spotter. The only time I push my self hard is with the hammer strenth type machines


I really tried to post these pics properly and they still came out the wrong way.


Fix this.


+1. you won't get where you want to go without convincing your body that it needs to build calorie-consuming muscle. it only builds muscle when it sees it as absolutely necessary, ie so that weight you used last week doesn't crush you this week.

you'll also need to keep better track of your diet. I can't remember what I did yesterday but I can remember what I ate. yes, I have problems... lol but back to the topic.

forget the idea of losing fat and building muscle at the same time. that is the Holy Grail of physique manipulation, but the truth is that the diet and training for one is contradictory to the other. pick one goal, then eat and train for that goal.

imo, you should fill out your frame with more muscle doing basic, big movements (bench, squat, deadlift, curls, pullups, etc) using dumbbells and barbells whenever possible. machines are for people who need to work around injuries, or advanced trainees looking for an additional stimulus. since you didn't mention any injuries, you are neither.

don't miss training sessions, go balls out in the gym, and don't miss meals. do this consistently and correctly for months and you will begin to create a solid foundation that you can build upon and refine in the years to come.


Well done on the fat loss, that is a very good start.

Now the real work begins !!


Why did you hide your face on the last two pics?


Cause its hard to take a pic of yourself while using a mirror on the back of a door. While in the pic where it is my full body, I actually broke out my SLR camera, used a tripod, and the timer setting. I guess in time I'll figure out how to take pics of myself better, after looking at the other pics on this forum, I think I have a better idea of how to take a pic of myself. The funny part about it is, I did photography for about 4 years in middle and high school(back when there was film), a few pieces were even purchased. Now I struggle to figure out how to use my digital SLR camera.


At one point I was 320pounds at 6 feet, I went down to 180. All I can tell you about "looking funny" when losing that weight is that you need to put on a lot of muscle, it helps. You need to push hard to transform your body, to lose the fat and gain the muscle. If you are afraid of heavy lifting without a spotter there's always sprinting and things like sledge hammer work. The 20pound vest and 12 pound sledge hammer are always options you can build up too. (6-8pound hammer and a tire) or a heavy punching bag. Still any serious training will imply serious risk of injury and you should take precautions.

interval training like sprinting or sprinting with a 20pound vest, it might be one of your best options. You will lose fat and gain muscle and your body will be primed for burning fat.


You don't always need a spotter as long as you're smart about your weights. Increase sets by only 5-10lbs, and gauge your body and what it can realistically can do. Once you get closer to your 1rm weight, then maybe ask someone working out around you for a quick spot. And never let heavier weight sacrifice good form.

I also noticed you were using a whey isolate PWO. You may want to add a carb supplement or some raw oatmeal to your shake, for maybe 30-60g carbs. Its not much but it'll deff help with building muscles.