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Lost Size/Strength Help?

The last month of training for me has been really crappy. From going on vacation to starting college, I’ve been to the gym maybe 6 times. I feel like crap, I have lost about 15 lbs, lost some strength and lost some self confidence.

I really wanna get back to where I was, what program would you guys recommend for me. I’ve done WSSB part I and messed around with some other stuff on here. I really like Chad Waterbury’s style is there any one of his programs that would suit me. I got one lagging body part, my chest. So if anyone could help me with a program recommendation that would be great. Thanks

How about picking back up with the one you left off. If it’s been a while since you trained hard, the past routine should be effective.

Which ever program tickles your fancy and will get you Off your Butt into the gym is the one you need to pick. Even just going to the gym without a plan is a great start. Just start going again and you will progress.

Other than that really not knowing your stats, goals, previous history. etc,… No telling all the Programs by all the Contributors are great and have a place.

Get back at it,
It is YOU that has to be motivated not the Program.

Hope that helps,