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Lost Overhead Strength After Shoulder Injury


I injured my left shoulder in June. I went from a 200lb overhead press to barely being able to get up 135 when I tried again in September. Ive since gotten it back up to 155 for reps, but my left shoulder is lagging and probably the only reason it isnt higher.

My assistance is DB clean and presses, I can do reasonable reps with 70lbs in my right arm, but my left still fails after 5 or so.

Since this is strongman, you guys got any good idea to get my shoulders back up to their old strength?


What’re you doing for rear shoulder work? After tearing my labrum and dislocating my shoulder 6 separate times, I have to do a TON.


Nothing direct: I do rows with the trap bar which gets them good, the cleans also get them too, on squat days I do barbell raises with a wide grip from waist to over my head (180 degree motion).


Definitely fix this. Try starting with 100 band pull aparts a day and see if that helps.


I hope it will. I hurt it doing a really mild lift too, pull overs with a 50lb short barbell. Of all the things, logs, circus dumbells, and other heavy stuff ive thrown over my head, a friken pull over messed it up.


One of the fighters I train has shoulder issues and while I’m not sure exactly what yours are we put a lot of work into developing his upper back and posterior deltoids to correct some anterior shoulder tilt that he was having issues with and pull aparts have been a major key in correcting it. 400 a week coupled with a 2:1 pull push ratio for his upper body work has really made the difference


That’s pretty much been my way forward with all of my training. Try to pull more than push, and lots of love for the rear delts. Glad it’s worked well. If you ever look into kelso shrugs, you might like those too.


Would reverse flies work in lieu of a band? My gym does not have bands that are light enough to do high reps. I could pick one up I suppose if they arent interchangeable.