Lost Over 50 Pounds, But Now Weight Is Going Up

Hi all,

Currently I lost 50lbs over 6 months just from diet and no gym consuming 2500 calories a day. About 3 weeks ago I started lifting and lowered calories to speed up fat loss. I’ve managed to gain a pound on the scale when I should have lost 10lbs. I didn’t understand why this happened?

Its only 1lb, thats a decent sized shit.

Could be a number of things, but what it isnt is something to worry about.

Well done on the 50lb


Ty lol

No worries, the body is a weird thing. Inflamation from training could lead to extra fluid being stored, more glycogen, water etc. Sometimes you can lower cals and it wants to hold on to weight, sometimes you up cals and your weight drops.

Main thing is eat well, train hard, keep an eye on the mirror and track progress for trends over time, not blips up or down.


Great job, man. Agree with everything @kd13 said. How much more do you have to lose?



Thank you, that’s kind of what I’m thinking as well

Thank you much. Currently 251lbs 35%. I have I think about 70-75lbs until I reach 10% body fat finally

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You’re doing great. I wouldn’t stress about percentages, if I were you, and they’re kind of pointless anyway. Just keep rolling to a healthy weight. Keep going!


This is such an arbitrary number. Just keep going until you are happy with the way you look and feel. Obviously you have done a great job so far.

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I don’t know how you decided this was the case, as that is not the rate you’ve been losing weight at. You were previously losing weight at approximately 10 lbs every 5ish weeks. And I would assume it wasn’t a linear loss, meaning, you didn’t lose the same amount every 5 weeks. If you’re like most people, you probably lost more at the beginning, and weight loss slowed. So, why you would expect to lose 10 more lbs in just THREE weeks is… interesting. Even with cutting calories.

But that being said, at the end of the day, you’re still doing what has been proven in millions of humans, which is that weight training accompanied by a calorie deficit will ultimately lead to FAT loss. Now that you’re lifting weights, your focus is no longer just the number on the scale. You’re trying to gain muscle as well. If you lose 5 lbs of muscle and gain 5 lbs of fat, that’s a GREAT thing, right? It’s a better path to that 10% number faster than just losing 10 lbs of fat. So, I see no issue here.

The other thing to consider, as others pointed out, is that this could simply be water retention if you’re drinking more water than you had been. Proper hydration is a good thing. So yea. No worries man, keep going!!

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Thank you! I put my metabolism at 3800 so it should be about 4lbs a week eating 2000 and factoring in exercise. But in 3 weeks I gained a pound. From what everyone is saying probably just water from beginning to lift I hope

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congrats on your excellent progress.