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Lost on Adjusting my Workout Schedule

theres so many things im unsure on
first off, i just got finished with a full body program that followed a 4 compound 2 isolation per day philosophy

those 2 isolation i had for my bis and tris, but i wanna get my hamstrings in there for isolation too (leg curls) but would that mean i’d have to substitute in a hamstring workout for either my bi or tri isolation workout for that day, heres an example of why that alone confuses me (i workout 3 times a week):

say my schedule was sunday tuesday friday
(this example does not include my compound movements for the day, only isolation)
ez bar curls (bi)
leg curls (hams)

skull crushers (tri)
leg curls (hams)

reverse grip ez bar curls (bi/forearm)
seated DB tricep extensions

would i be neglecting my hams too much if i only included 2 isolation movements a week for them? leg wise, the point of this 5x5 im starting is to get a good balance of attention between quads/hams

i was thinking i could maybe get some sumo or romanian style deadlifts in there, or some sumo squats? i’d rather have big quads than hams, but i dont wanna totally neglect my hams either

now also, should i have a 3 day week schedule of listed workouts to follow that i would do each week? or should i cycle through them every time i go

for example if i had a certain workout schedule for sunday would the following sunday i do the same thing?

also i want to get in squats every day but that conflicts with me doing deadlifts
for the days i deadlift do i do leg press or what?

and is it acceptable to power clean and squat the same day?

Don’t worry so much about the isolation movements. I think you are taking the wrong angle on these anyway, isolate different muscles each session. For instance: Day 1- Bis/Hams Day 2- Tris/Calfs Day 3- forearms/traps or whatever way you want to do this. Use these days to supplement whatever might be lacking from your compound movements, but I got news for you, it probably isn’t your bis or tris, hamstrings are a good guess though.

Personally I would do the same thing on each same day of the week, but you could have like 4, 6, 23, predesigned workouts that you just cycle though.

Also there is nothing wrong with squating and deadlifting on the same day. I’d think you you could get pretty damn big and strong doing a squat variation, dead variation, bench variation, and over head press variation each day. Each exercise would be one of your compound movements. If you make sure to throw in isolation work on lats, and shoulder raises as well you’d really be cooking.

It is definitely acceptable to clean and squat on the same day.

That’s the problem with a 3-day/week routine. You never feel like you’re doing enough, and you usually aren’t.

Does your schedule permit lifting more often?

[quote]JayPierce wrote:
That’s the problem with a 3-day/week routine. You never feel like you’re doing enough, and you usually aren’t.

Does your schedule permit lifting more often?[/quote]
i push it as hard as i can when i go, it’d be stupid to go more than 3 times a week since i do full body
i hate splits

I don’t think it would be stupid. 2-on, 1-off, 2-on, 2-off would give you more options.

Whether you hate body-part splits or not, they just might work better for you. I don’t train for the eight hours a week I’m IN the gym, I do it for the other 160.