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Lost my Primary Account

I am unable to login with the primary account I’ve used since 2009 Davinci.v2. I am unable to retrieve the login, as when I attempt to retrieve using my email address, it indicates that this is the account associated with my email.

If I attempt to create a new account using Davinci.v2 with my active email account, the system will not allow it, in order to avoid duplicate accounts.

I am however able to login to the store using Davinci.v2 and I am/was a level 100 member. Is there a way to reactivate Davinci.v2 and delete my other older accounts associated with my email address? Since the updated website, I have been unable to do anything that requires me to login.

Thank you for the help.

What’s up man,

Very strange that you can log into the store but not the forum, as I thought they were connected. This thread had a few potential solutions that worked for people. If none of those work, we can try getting the tech guys to figure something out.

thanks for your reply Chris. Unfortunately I’ve tried all of those suggestions and none of them were successful.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Davinci.v2 is working on being reactivated ASAP and it should be doable. The Hostile account may end up locked in the interim, but that’s not anything trying to keep you off the forum for good.

If there’s a hiccup and you do end up unable to get back on with any account, shoot an e-mail to Mods@T-Nation.com and we can follow up.

Thanks again for t his Chris. Does it seem as though this is still doable?