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Lost My Password and Forgot Email I Used to Register

I had to register a new account just to ask for help. I practically went through the entire website to find a way to contact the mods/admins but apparently that option was completely left out. There is a “forgot password” option. But if you forgot your email/username, then you are basically screwed. You can’t contact the mod/admin or anyone who runs the site. Not even an email address. Went through your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter…no way to contact you. I don’t get the secrecy.

Anyway, I forgot the email I used to register, and apparently my password. Username is BigRegg (now BigRegg losing his password/email is public info). Can you please help? Thanks!

Mods / Admins…anyone?? Can i please get help?

I’ve just sent an e-mail to the address associated with this account, letting you know the e-mail you used to sign up for the BigRegg account. You should be able to use that for the “forgot password” info.

Although, both accounts now have 3 posts, so basically the only reason to switch back is if you liked the sounds of that username better. It’s not like you racked up a ton of posts under the other name.

Either way, your call.

There’s no “secrecy”. No bright blinking light that says “If You’re Lost, Contact Us Here”, but certainly no secrecy.

You can message us through any of the social media outlets and word will get back here. And there’s a “Feedback” e-mail address at the very bottom of every page on the forum:


Posting in that original thread with “Hey, it’s me. Same guy, new username due to login SNAFU” would work fine. But, again, either way is cool.

Can I get help please? I’ve been asking for 5 days. I’m not getting any replies on the emails i’ve sent…3 until now. Is there a reason why I am being ignored?
All im asking for is help logging in. Yes, you’ve helped with the email but it turned out I don’t have access to that email address. Again, can I get help please? It is a simple request, i think.

You’re not being ignored. You had an issue and I offered two solutions.

Either use our forum’s “Forgot Password” feature to access your old account (which you can’t, because you also forgot the login to that account’s email which is obviously beyond our control) or continue posting under this name, with a very simple post in that same thread to explain you’re the old you with a new username.

Can I get the password to that account?

We don’t have access to members’ passwords. If a member forgets their password, we have a way for them to retrieve it. Since you can’t do that (unless you decide to first retrieve your e-mail password through your e-mail account provider), I suggest you use the alternative I suggested.